Thursday, February 6, 2014

Her Giving Back Ideas

When this article popped up on my Facebook News Feed from the Huffington Post, I couldn't resist taking a look. Sean and I talk a lot about how to give back to the community. We both feel that it is our responsibility and duty to do for others what we can. He talked about one way he does this here.

The article from the Huffington Post, entitled 20 Ways to Make an Incredible Impact in 4 Hours or Less, was set up by time. They started with items that would take only a few minutes and went up through items that would take a day. 

Sean and I have talked about many of these and we are going to try to start doing them regularly. Here are a few that we are thinking about.

1-5 Minutes
• Use's Yahoo!-powered search engine every time you browse the Web, and you'll automatically give to a nonprofit like the American Cancer Society.
• Play crossword puzzles at, and the site's sponsors will make a contribution to one of five charities for each correct answer. 
We did not know about either of these, but how awesome!! I love the idea of a search engine that donates money. The crossword puzzles sound like fun too.

30 Minutes
• Re-gift the blender and other household goods you didn't ask for to a local firehouse (call ahead), so first responders can make their living quarters feel like home.
• Mail a letter of appreciation to a member of the military through
• Download the Charity Miles app and go for a run, walk, or bike ride; you can earn up to 25 cents per mile for nonprofits, including Autism Speaks and Stand Up to Cancer. 
I love, love, love the idea of these as well. Especially the Charity Miles App. Maybe that would be some motivation for me to get up and move!

1-2 Hours

• Assemble gift bags for Cheerful Givers, a nonprofit that distributes birthday presents to kids at food pantries and shelters.
• Give a pint of blood. Make an appointment at
Sean already donates platelets and gift bags would be a simple thing to do that would make a big impact on a child's year.

4 Hours
• Head to a soup kitchen, where you can greet and seat guests, bus tables, wash dishes, or prepare and serve meals. Look for one at
• Round up a few funny or uplifting DVDs and host a family movie night at your local Ronald McDonald House. (There are 176 locations throughout the country.) 
The Ronald McDonald House nearby is across from the children's hospital. If we could do this, I know it would mean a lot!

So many great ideas! Now, we just have to decide which we will do first. Which ones look good to you? If you live in our area, maybe we join forces and complete some of the longer ones together. Let me know if you are interested.

Happy Giving,

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  1. Good ideas! I just donated an entire houseful of goods to our local charity store. So I think I've done my part for the next 10 years lol.



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