Saturday, January 5, 2019

2019 Photo a Day from the Archives - Week 1

Last year I tried doing a photo a day. I did ok for the first month but I found it very challenging to find something to photograph each day. Some days not a whole lot happened which didn't help. By the end of March I had pretty much stopped doing it. 

So in 2019 I am trying something different. Rather than going out and trying to find something interesting to photograph each day I am going through my old digital photos and posting one a day on my Facebook page. I chose this as I have so many photos that I rarely look at or get the chance to share. My hope is to find some old favourites and showcase some of my older photos that may not have been shared before. So here are the photos from this week.

1st January
 This photo was taken on the 1st January 2000. It looks like snow but it is the middle of summer in Australia. The white on the ground is a layer of hail stones. Thankfully I arrived after the storm had passed. I stopped to take a few photos and the hail caused there to have a slight chill in the air. This was taken just north of Armidale.

2nd January
 In 2003 Amanda and I went on our first mission trip to Nicaragua which is in Central America. It was about a 4 hour trip from the capital city to the campsite where we would be working for a week. On the way we stopped for lunch and they had a few hammocks hung up. I decided to try out one of the hammocks and it was very comfortable. Had i stayed much longer I probably would have fallen asleep.

3rd January

One of our favourite events each year is the State Fair of Virginia. It is fun to see all of the animals, arts and crafts and the lights and noise of the Midway. Amanda and her parents like to play some of the carnival games. It is not my thing so I am the photographer while they try and win a prize. They normally do pretty well.
4th January
 In 2015 my sister and brother in law came to visit from Australia. We drove from New York to DC and we were mentioning some of the sights we could see. When we mentioned the Air and Space Musuem Tim perked up and said that was something he wanted to see. We hadnt had a chance to see it ourselves so it was a good opportunity to see it. The new musuem at Dulles Airport is huge and has hundreds of items on display including the Space Shuttle Discovery. It was neat to see one of the space shuttles that had been into space many times up close and personal.

5th January
In 2001 I had a long layover in Vancouver on the way back to Sydney Australia. My original plan was to go downtown but that didn't pan out so i stayed at the airport. There airport had quite a few sculptures and other artwork including this one on display.

What is your favourite photo from this week? What is your goal for 2019?

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