Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Her Class Mascots

Games! Games! Games! 

Whenever we go to Busch Gardens or the State Fair, I always look forward to playing a few games trying to win a cute prize. While we were at the State Fair this year, I won a purple spotted cow.
This photo is from Spirit Week at school. I was dressed as "Where's Wenda" for Celebrity Day. It was the only photo I had of the cow that I won by itself.
While at Busch Gardens during Howl-O-Scream, I played a game and won an orange and black lemur.
Isn't he cute? --- The lemur is cute too! :)
I wasn't feeling particularly creative so I decided to have a little fun with my students. I had them, as their Exit Slip, name the two animals. These are now their class mascots. Meet...

                       Milkshake &

I absolutely love how cute and creative my students are. Each animal has a name tag and the "winners" signed them so I will always remember where the names came from. I wonder what I will win next. :O)

Are you a big games person when at amusement parks or fairs?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Website Wednesday, 11/14/2012

G'day everyone!

    It's Website Wednesday and I wanted to share one of my favourite websites. As you may know I have been playing disc golf for about 6 months now. My brother in law took me to a course in Clemson, SC and I was hooked. I did some research to see if there were any courses nearby and after sifting through some useless sites I came across
      This site is a gold mine for anyone who is interested in the sport. As the name suggests it focuses mainly on reviews of disc golf courses but also has course photos, forums, maps and so much more. On the home page it has links to recent reviews, forum posts and a picture of the day. I enjoy seeing these links as you get to see different courses all over the country. Another feature I use a lot on the site is the scorebook which helps track my scores.
      One of the things I like most about the site is that it is excellent for finding new courses that I would not have known about otherwise. A few months ago when I was in Birmingham, AL for a business trip I used the site to find nearby courses and I was able to quickly find which courses were nearby and which ones had the best ratings. Since I had limited time to play I found this to be a big asset and it also was great for providing directions and GPS coordinates to each course.
      This past weekend I went to the website again to help me out. I intended on playing at my local course but when I arrived I found it was closed due to a mountain bike race. I quickly pulled up the site to help me locate a course in Virginia Beach that I didn't know the exact location of. A few moments later I was on my way and was on the course shortly afterwards.
        I have added my reviews of courses I have played on the site so I can help others find courses that suit them just as others have helped me in the past. I am grateful the site is here and that it is a valuable resource for all disc golf enthusiasts. If you are interested in disc golf then you should definitively check this site out!

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