Tuesday, January 12, 2021

His - Crafting in 2020

     Each year i like to look back and see what sewing projects i was able to complete. There are still quite a few unfinished objects but that topic is for another blog post. Here are some of the highlights from 2020.

Face Masks

It may come as no surprise but face masks were a big item for me in 2020. I dont have an exact count but i made well over 250 and could be over 300. I made them in many different colours and fabric patterns. I sold masks to people in 42 different states in the US last year through my Etsy shop.  theguywhosews.etsy.com

I was also able to complete 6 quilts in 2020. It was a few less than the previous year but then again i wasnt making hundreds of face masks haha

Quilt #1 Temperature Quilt

 The first completed quilt was one for myself. Every other quilt i had made prior to this was for someone else so it was nice to have one of my own. Each of the 365 rectangles shows the temperature in my sister's town in 2016. Each color indicated a different temperature. She made the quilt top and i added the batting and backing fabric which is not pictured. This would have been completed well before 2020 but it had some technical issues and was put to the side to get other projects completed.

Quilt# 2 Fun Shirts Quilt
This was a fun project. I used 16 Hawaiian and dress shirts to make this quilt. I used the back of the shirts so i could highlight each of the prints on the shirts. I was a little nervous as i had not worked with some of these materials before but it turned out really nicely.

Quilt# 3 Graduation T-Shirt Quilt
This one went together pretty easily. It ended up being a little to narrow and short to fit a bed so i used strips of the leftover fabric from each of the shirts to form a border around the shirts. 

Quilt# 4 Dachshund Baby Quilt
I found out around May that my sister was pregnant with her first child and was due in December 2020. She loves Dachshunds so i thought a baby quilt with Dachshunds would be perfect. I found a great pattern online (Link to pattern here) and got to work. I chose 8 different colors for the dogs as this was a rainbow baby. I love how this turned out and cant wait to see photos of my nephew using this quilt.

Quilts # 5 & 6  Jimmy Buffet Quilts

My mother in law and father in law are both big Jimmy Buffett fans. They had been collecting Jimmy Buffett shirts for years and asked me to make them quilts for Christmas. I used the prints from the fronts of the shirts to form a border at the top and bottom of each quilt. (Sorry they are sideways but no matter what i do they refuse to rotate)

Did you do any crafting in 2020 or pick up a new hobby?

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