Tuesday, June 9, 2015

His: Living in America - Confusion in the Cereal Aisle

On my first visit to a supermarket in America I was a little surprised to see that we had many of the same breakfast cereals. What I wasn't prepared for was even though they looked the same and had the same mascots they had totally different names. Below are some of the more well known ones that have different names.

 Rice Bubbles / Rice Krispies
Snap, Crackle and Pop adorn the front of the box in both countries. In Australia they are known as Rice Bubbles and in America they are called Rice Krispies.

Coco Pops / Cocoa Krispies
In Australia the chocolate coated version of the rice cereal is known as Coco Pops and has a monkey as the mascot. In Americathey are called Cocoa Krispies and have Snap, Crackle and Pop as the mascots.

Frosties / Frosted Flakes
Tony the Tiger has been the mascot for both countries for decades. In Australia they are known as Frosties, probably because we love making names shorter. In America they are called Frosted Flakes.

Sultana Bran / Raisin Bran
The dried fruit that goes into this cereal are known as sultanas in Australia and raisins in America. This is why the cereals are known by different names in the two countries.

Nutri Grain Cereal / Nutri Grain Bars.
Nutri Grain is a popular cereal in Australia but is not found in America. In America the Nutri Grain name is also owned by Kelloggs but is used to market cereal bars and not a breakfast cereal. The cereal in Australia tastes vaguely like Honey Nut Cheerios.
I may be missing others but these are the ones that came to mind. Which names do you like better?  What is your favourite breakfast cereal? 


  1. I like Rice Bubbles; how cute! Especially since they do pop :)

    Interesting the same cereal but different names. I'm sure that helped make it easier when you were adjusting to eating here in the States :)

    My favorite are Rice Krispies with a banana cut into the cereal.


  2. Okay, so I have always wondered what sultanas were! I'm kind of disappointed that they aren't more exotic than just raisins!

    I see you Aussies don't like the term "Krispies!"

  3. interesting that they are the same cereals with a different name I read Betty's comment after I typed, and I totally wrote the same thing, woops! hehe

  4. LOL - I had the same experience in reverse. I came from America to New Zealand. The funny part is all of the examples here look normal to me now.


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