Thursday, February 20, 2014

Her 1st Attempt at Double Knitting

On Saturday I went in search of a knitting project that was simple enough that I could knit it while watching the Olympics, but complicated enough that I wouldn't get bored. Enter this video on YouTube...

I have seen other videos about double knitting and always wanted to try it. The woman who made that video made it seem so easy that I grabbed some yarn from my stash and cast on.

Incidentally, her way of casting on is my new favorite! Click here for that video.

The pattern is for a double knitted bookmark that is three or four square panels, with a heart in each square. The color chart for her pattern can be found here

I was delighted to find that, though it wasn't as easy for me as it was for the lady in the video, it was pretty easy. I was able to finish the bookmark in a few hours, which is quick for me. Here's what my final product looked like.
Side A
Side B

I did mess up in one spot where I managed to reverse the yellow and brown. Here is a close-up. 
I'll be honest, I don't know how I did this. I only did it once so I am hoping it was just a fluke.

Here's what I found to be true about myself and double knitting:

I need written instructions. The pattern is only a color chart so I got a notebook and wrote row by row instructions to follow. It's required in my world.
One of the pages where I wrote out the stitches.

I love the look and feel of double knitting. It is so cool!

The basic premise behind double knitting is a seed stitch - k, p, k, p. Normally, I hate seed stitch because I feel like I can't get into a good rhythm. I did not have this problem with double knitting. I found I liked it and could get into a good rhythm. 

Once you find a rhythm with it, double knitting goes pretty quickly. Until you find your rhythm, double knitting is a little slow. I got into a good rhythm by row 15.

I love that you don't have to weave in the ends. She shows at the end of the video how to use a crochet hook to tuck the ends into the middle. So much simpler!

A double knitted bookmark is a great gift for someone when you want to do something simple that has a big impact.

I very much prefer the look of stockinette to garter stitch. I think this is why double knitting appeals to me. All the purl bumps are hidden in the inside of the fabric, showing only the stockinette panels. 

I was worried about binding off with two strands at a time, but it was surprisingly easy. I found it easier than some of the other projects I have bound off, using the regular one-strand method.

These are some more videos from YouTube that would be helpful if you are going to try double knitting.
She does a good job of explaining what double knitting is. Her cast on is more difficult though. I prefer Lattes and Llamas cast on.

I really like her way of explaining how to knit the foundation rows and how to master the basic stitch.

Her way of explaining chart knitting in regards to double knitting makes it seem so easy. I wish I had watched this before I started.

She shows how to fix mistakes in this one - great tips there. How to bind off is also included in this video.

I loved this form of knitting so much that I immediately cast on another project. This one is my own pattern - yep, you read that right. I am creating my own pattern. Who would have thought I would write a pattern one day? Cross your fingers that it turns out. If it does, I will share it when I am done and after a few friends have helped me finalize the details.

Have you tried double knitting? Would you ever if you haven't already?

Happy Knitting,

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