Thursday, February 13, 2014

Her Sweetheart Swap

Sweetheart Swap

I found this swap idea on Kristin's kNook blog back in January. I loved the idea of sharing some Valentine's love with a new friend.

Kristin and Meg paired me up with Micah who blogs at Unabashedly Me. I liked getting to know her and reading about her on her blog. I hope she likes what I chose for her gift box.

This is what Micah chose for me:
An assortment of teas in a very cool tin - Keep Calm and Carry On (knitting and drinking tea!)

Yummy coffee - I can't wait until tomorrow morning when I can have a cup. Speaking of...

 I love butterflies and all the patterns on the butterflies make this mug so fun. I will enjoy a hot cup of Wolfgang Puck coffee in my new mug tomorrow morning.

She also included some amazing chocolate! Two Ghirardelli chocolate bars - Dark Chocolate & Caramel and Toffee Interlude (dark chocolate, toffee bits, and candied almonds). There is also a Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffle candy bar and four Lindt truffles. OMG!! I have had Lindt truffles before (and they are delicious!), but I have never tried the two Ghirardelli bars. It was almost impossible to not rip into them and try them right away.

I absolutely love everything she included in the Sweetheart Swap box. I am so grateful to her for everything. Thank you Micah!!

Happy Valentine's Day,


  1. Wow!! Micah sent you a great package :) That mug is so cute and I LOVE me some Ghiradelli. I've never even heard of that intense toffee one before. Thank you for participating!

  2. I'm glad you liked everything. I was trying to find a panda mug, but I couldn't. And thought that butterfly one was so cheerful and happy! Enjoy the goodies!

  3. A mug, coffee, and chocolate…I can't think of anything better!


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