Sunday, February 2, 2014

His and Her Sunday Social (2/2/2014)

Happy Sunday and Happy Groundhog Day everyone! 


Around here, though, it is a much more important day. Today is Sean's birthday!!!! Though he is not a big fan of birthdays and does not like people making a fuss over him, Amanda LOVES celebrating his birthday. There will be lots of singing and a special dinner with an ice cream cake for dessert (his favorite). 

Before all the festivities can start, it's time to be a little social by linking up with Ashley and friends for the -

Sunday Social

This week's questions are brought to you by the number four.

1. 4 Favorite Bands You Loved in High School
Amanda - I loved New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys. I also was a fan of Destiny's Child and The Spice Girls.
Sean - High school was a long time ago so it's taking a lot for me to remember what I listened to back then. Amanda probably had an easier time answering this question as she liked a lot of boy bands (if I said I liked a boy band I probably would have sat alone at lunch for a very long time). Honestly I don't remember liking any particular bands during high school; I liked certain songs from many different artists.

2. 4 Go-To Meals You'd Love to Learn to Cook or Can Cook Really Well
Amanda - I love a good meatloaf with mashed potatoes. I also love any soup that can go in the Crock Pot. Pot roast is another favorite of mine, cooked low and slow in the Crock Pot. Any pasta dish is a favorite, but I would like to be able to recreate Olive Garden's Chicken Scampi. 
Sean -  I would love to learn how to cook a proper chicken schnitzel so I can recreate the chicken schnitzel wraps that we enjoyed at Mr. Schnitzel in Australia. I would also like to learn how to cook a proper Chicago Style deep dish pizza like they serve at Gino's East in Chicago.
Source - A Mr Champion wrap from Mr. Schnitzel
I do most of the cooking and like to think that I cook most things pretty well. My two signature dishes would be Baby Back Ribs and Chicken Enchiladas. Both recipes are pretty simple, but are crowd pleasers every time.

3. 4 Necessities to Your Daily Life
Amanda - I need my phone (it's my alarm clock, address book, and calculator - in addition to my connection to the outside world). I also cannot live without my two Kuerigs (the one here at home and the one at work). Since I get up so early, I could not live without my DVR - it tapes all the shows I miss after I've gone to bed. My Nook is also a daily necessity; I love to read before I go to sleep.
Sean - My phone is definitely a handy tool as I can look up info on the go. My laptop is also another necessity as it provides most of my entertainment, whether it is watching movies, playing games, or browsing online. NetFlix would be my third necessity as I watch nearly all of my TV and movies on there. I really missed having it when I was in Australia last year. My Nook would the final item on the list as I love to read before going to sleep and it's a lot easier than holding pages open on a real book.

4. 4 Makeup Necessities You Must Have if You Could Only Have 4 On
Amanda - I have to have tinted moisturizer or foundation. Powder is a must to deal with shine. Eye shadow and mascara also.
Sean - The only "make up" item I use is a face moisturizer if my face gets really dry (which happens a lot during the spring and fall allergy season).

5. 4 Favorite Apps on your Phone or iPad
Amanda - 
Photogrid makes collages of your photos and then lets you put them directly into Instagram.
AppsGoneFree shows between 7-10 apps that are free for those 24 hours. I have gotten some really fun apps this way.
Flipagram takes some of your photos and lets you set them to music. The app will then run them as a slideshow that you can post to Facebook or Instagram.
The MeetUp app lets me see when my knitting group is meeting and lets me search for other groups in the area I might want to join. When I RSVP to a get-together, it goes straight to my calendar.
Sean - 
Disc Golf Buddy is a score keeping app for when I play disc golf. 
Weather Channel lets me check the weather quickly and it allows me to add destinations for when I travel.
Windows Maps allows me to search for businesses, addresses etc. It does a really good job of finding different places and has even gotten us unlost after the Apple maps app on Amanda's phone got us lost a few times.
The X Box Live Games App is where all of the games I download for the phone are stored together. It makes my favourite games easy to find.

As usual, that was a fun set of questions. Choose one (or more!) and comment below or on Facebook to join in the fun. We are off to celebrate another year of Sean!!

Happy Sunday,


  1. Destiny's Child and Backstreet Boys was on my list too, Amanda!


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