Saturday, February 1, 2014

Her February 2014 Currently

It is February 1 which means Farley, at Oh' Boy 3rd Grade is hosting her monthly link-up. Normally, it is closer to the middle of the month before I have time to participate, so I am super excited to be joining in on the first of the month. Here we go - 

Listening: The Pioneer Woman is my favorite on Food Network. I want to move to Oklahoma and be her friend! :)

Loving: Our part of Virginia doesn't usually get a lot snow - one thing about this area that Sean loves! Last week, we got about four inches of snow and missed three days of school. This week we got eight inches of snow and missed three days of school. I am loving all the time off, but I am not looking forward to making them up. Thankfully, the school division has posted the make-up days and they aren't too bad.

Thinking: All of these days off are nice, but my students are going to take their state writing test next month - in just six short weeks! We need to get back to school so the kids and I can start prepping!

Wanting: Sean's birthday is tomorrow. He hates all the hoop-la and celebration being focused on him, so we will keep things low-key. I just hope he feels special and loved on his big day.

Needing: I am participating in a M(ystery) K(nit) A L(ong) on Ravelry and it is a very difficult and complicated project. The most difficult and complicated I have ever done. My motivation is running low because it takes a lot of focus and patience to not mess up and I am super nervous when I am knitting it. I have been choosing to knit simpler projects (washcloths) instead of working on the shawl. Here's hoping I can make some progress tomorrow and in this coming week.
Here a link to the blog post where I talked about the washcloths and shawl.

2 Truths and 1 Fib: I love that she included a little game in this month's post! Were you able to figure out which was the fib? 
I can tell you that it is not #3. I was so proud of my motivation yesterday and I knocked out three weeks of plans, worksheets, and PowerPoints. Go me! 
#2 is also not the fib. Anyone at school can tell you that there are binders and a filing cabinet full of organization. My house, on the other hand, is the opposite. 
So that leaves #1 as the fib - I cannot stand getting up early on weekends. I am not a morning person and I get up at 4:45 for school each day. Sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday is such a welcome luxury!

That was really fun - as always! I would love for you all to participate...maybe with the 2 truths and 1 fib. Please comment below or on Facebook and I will try to guess which is the fib. 

Happy Saturday,


  1. Nice to find your blog through Currently. I am in South Georgia, and we haven't seen snow in a few years (except the "maybe" 20 flakes we got the other day) but we did get two snow days none-the-less. It was nice, but now I feel far behind.
    I TOO am super organized at school (or at least I, personally, know where things are) but at home it's not so much the case.
    Would love for you to come by and visit! Angie
    Monahan Monkey Madness

  2. I'm impressed that you are planned so far ahead. I need to do some planning today as well.

  3. Too funny! I shared how bad I wanted the snow to end of my currently! We get bombarded with it all the time though here in Illinois. I must admit that it is incredibly pretty at first! But the makeup days in the summer are killer! Enjoy your days off and your weekend :)

    The Second Grade Superkids

  4. Pooey... I guessed wrong! I don't like getting up too early, but feel as if I sleep in too late, the day is slipping away!! LOL. Crazy, I know. We, too, had some snow. It was just about an inch (enough to cover the ground), but we were out 2 and a half days and I feel SO far behind. We have our big writing test coming up at the beginning of March that I would like some time to review a little more for... never enough time, huh? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Kimberlee @ 2 Fulbright Hugs


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