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His: Super Saturday Snapshots - E is for Enzo - (the F.L.P)

It's time for another post from me (Sean) as part of the Blogging A-Z Challenge. I let Amanda post a few, but it's my turn again. I am also honoured to have our very first guest blogger, Shellie (my sister) join for part of this post.

Today we are linking up with Melinda at West Metro Mommy for Super Saturday Snapshots.

E is for Enzo (The Dachshund)
An E shaped pancake for Enzo!
Today's photos are of my Dachshund that I got for my 21st birthday. I had always wanted one and my parents found some puppies for sale close by. I named him Enzo after the founder of Ferrari and the name fit since he was red, low to the ground and liked to run at full speed. 

When he was 3 years old I moved to America and left him with my family as I did not want to put him through the stress of flying 10,000 miles in the cargo hold of an airplane and he would get spoiled as much at home. He got spoiled a little too much as when I returned he had gained a lot of weight. He ended up getting a nickname, which was the "Fat Little Porker" or F.L.P for short. He lived 10 good years, but in late 2009 his organs started to shut down and the tough decision was made to put him to sleep. He was a great little dog and we all have fond memories of his antics. 

Shellie is my younger sister and is who I gave Enzo to when I moved to America as she loved him and I knew he would get looked after well. I asked if she would be willing to share a few words about him and she was happy to do so.  Here is her short story about Enzo.

Enzo guarding the hay.
"Enzo was the most loved LBBD (long bellied brown dog) ever known to earth. I remember going with our mum to pick Enzo up from the breeder. He had so many skin rolls and was so shy! Boy did things change. Lol. After a few too many 50c cones from McDonalds, he grew into a plump, energetic, snuggle loving sausage dog. Always up for a walk or especially a car ride (maybe to get a 50c soft serve cone)! My favourite thing about Enzo was that he loved a snuggle and was always excited to see you come home from work and school. His big smile and wagging tail could wipe away any bad day. When Sean moved to America and left Enzo to me I couldn't believe it, my own dog. He captured the hearts of everyone he came in contact with. He spent the last couple years of his life living on a farm with us. Sadly, he is no longer with us but we still often talk about his beautiful nature/personality and how much we miss him. Dachshunds (sausage dogs) are still my favourite dog and I hope to another one day in the future."

Both Shellie and I took a ton of photos of Enzo over the years. Below are some of my favourites. 

I got him when he was 5 weeks old. This is one of the first photos I took of him, not long after we brought him home.

He loved soft serve cones from McDonalds more than anything else on earth. He would lick the icecream, then chow down on the cone itself.

He did not like having his photo taken which was a pain especially back in the days when I still used a film camera. I got lucky with this one.

I took him to the river to see if he would like swimming like most dogs do. As you can see by his facial expression he did not enjoy it. The face seems to say "Don't ever think of doing this again and you better be taking me to McDonald's for a soft serve cone after torturing me like this!"

Shellie (my sister) and Enzo in 2001. Shellie loved Enzo just as much as I did.

Enzo and I at the airport before I flew out to move to America in December 2001.

Enzo (the big one on the bottom) and the other two Dachshunds we had, Rolly and Rompel. The other two were my brother's dogs.

Enzo enjoying life on the farm. He always came along with us whenever we had a job to do.

There are so many more photos of Enzo but I will save them for another day. What is your favourite breed of dog?


  1. My parents have had dachshunds for many years including when I was growing up. They have lovely personalities. My current dog is a rescue dog of mixed parentage but perhaps a Maltese crossed with a Yorkshire terrier. One thing that is excellent about him (other than his personality) is that he doesn't shed hair :)

  2. Oh Enzo was gorgeous! Such a shame he's no longer with us. I think Enzo is a fantastic name for a dog, we had a Jack Russell called Ernie, so maybe it's an E thing. We have two RSPCA bitzer dogs currently- I suspect that one of them has some daschund tendencies she is very low slung with stumpy legs, and she does have big round ears but they stick up- she is actually quite cute even though she doesn't sound it. I really enjoyed seeing Enzo today.

    1. BTW congratulations on the wonderful button. Sydney Harbour at night is always spectacular.

  3. Enzo is such a cutie! Shellie's right, there's nothing like a welcome home celebration from a dog, even if you were gone only five or ten minutes! lol

  4. Dogs are so amazing and such great companions. I love all your shots of Enzo.

  5. What great photos to capture the memories of a much-loved pet. Loved Shellie's contribution!

  6. I love the name Enzo -- just perfect for your dog. I have a rescue dog that's part Maltese/part Bichon Frise. He doesn't shed and although he's small, he has a huge personality. I'll post some Saturday Snapshots of him one of these days.

  7. I have never had a dachshund but we love dogs, and he was so very handsome! I love his coloring and his cute face. I'm glad you had many wonderful years together with him.

  8. What a sweet pup! And I loved the reasons behind his name. :) I'm glad he shared his life with so many people who obviously loved him.

  9. Your Enzo sounds like a very special doggy.

    Our favorite breed is "mutt". We've found them to be the sweetest, loyal dogs. If I were going to pick a particular breed, I think that I would pick a Min Pin. They are so adorable! My aunt had a Pekinese (sp) name Richard and he was absolutely beautiful. The dog that we had the longest was a German Shepherd/Chow mix. This mix of two often aggressive breeds was a very gentle dog unless she felt the kids were in danger.

    I posted about the dogs in my life for yesterday's D post. Have a great weekend!

  10. I have an aunt and uncle who used to keep sausage dogs (until they retired and took up the grey nomad life) but my family were never dog people...until my sister brought home a silky/maltese cross puppy one Christmas...and we all fell in love :-)

  11. What sweet memories of your dog. Looks like he was well-loved.

  12. Thank you for allowing me to be a guest blogger! I had lots fun writing about my favourite sausage pup!

  13. Love the rationale behind Enzo's name! Hope you're enjoying the A to Z challenge, and thanks for stopping by my blog in your travels!

  14. What a sweetie! I had a darling little West Highland White for many years but at the moment am petless. Someday...Happy blogging--are you enjoying the blog hops that accompany the A-Z? It's the best! Gail

  15. Enzo was so cute! I bet it had to be incredibly sad to say goodbye to him when you moved to America, but I can see that your sister loved him just as much as you did. You were wise not to have him fly all those miles along with you. We got our corgi from Alabama and he had to fly to Montana where we living at the time; it was an 11 hour day for him and 3 different planes (and the last off the plane, I never got that). Your journey would have been much longer for Enzo.

    My favorite breed of dogs is corgis :)


  16. Our neighbors have a Maltese named Enzo. It's a good name for a dog. He was a handsome boy. We tend to favor the larger breed dogs around our place. Harley (who passed away last year) was a lab/chow. Now we have the three girls: Piper is an Anatolian Shepherd, Sadie is a Great Dane/German Shephard, and our newest addition Mischa is a German Shephard/Border Collie. She's a handful who never slows down. Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie

  17. Enzo looks like he was such a lovely little dog. My very first paid knitting job was a fair isle coat for a dachshund called Wilson. It was great fun as he had to come to my house for fittings.

  18. Beautiful pictures and beautiful or should i say handsome Enzo. Dogs are really a blessing.


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