Tuesday, February 25, 2014

His Living in America - Brekkie time

There is nothing like a great breakfast, especially if you didn't eat a big meal the previous evening. The aromas of breakfast food cooking and coffee brewing helps just about everyone wake up and look forward to the day ahead. One would think that breakfast would be similar around the world but this is not the case. Even seeing what is served on the breakfast table in America compared to Australia is pretty different. Just how different you ask? Well stick around and find out!

Americans know how to do breakfast and do it well! Just about every breakfast menu in American restaurants will have dozens of items on the menu to choose from. The portions are normally huge and a good breakfast can easily keep you going until its time for the evening meal. Because the portion sizes are so big you often have to decide whether to go to a breakfast place or a buffet so you can have a little bit of several different items. Some of the more popular items on breakfast menus include:

A Sausage Egg & Egg Biscuit - Source
Breakfast SausageBreakfast sausage is a highly seasoned type of sausage that has a much different taste to regular sausage. There are different varieties but many include a good dose of pepper and pepper flakes. It is one of the most popular meats offered and is often served either as sausage links, patties or ground. It is usually served as part of a breakfast platter or as part of a breakfast sandwich. If served as a breakfast sandwich (as a biscuit, muffin or croissant) it also has egg and cheese as well. 

Biscuits: Biscuits are a breakfast staple and on just about every table. They are similar to scones in Australia but are not as sweet as they often do not have eggs or sugar in the recipe. One of the most popular way to serve biscuits is with some type of protein (usually a chicken filet, sausage patty, bacon or ham) and a lot of time egg and cheese is added as well. Biscuits can also be served as a plain biscuit with plenty of butter and your choice of jams/jellies. Biscuits are a big deal in America and there are some restaurants that serve them for lunch and dinner as a side dish for fried chicken and there is even a baseball team called the biscuits (You can read about my trip to see the Biscuits in action here).

Grits - Source
Grits: Grits are very popular in the certain parts of the U.S but is one breakfast food that I simply can not stand. Grits can be found throughout most of the United States but is most commonly found in the southern part of the country between Texas and Virginia. It is a porridge type food that is made from ground corn and is known as hominy. By itself it has no taste so it needs some type of flavouring needs to be added. Prepared grits can either be sweet or savoury. Sweet grits are normally flavoured with sugar, cinnamon or honey. Savoury flavours can include butter, shredded cheese, bacon, red eye gravy, sausage or even fish. 



Bacon: Bacon is enjoyed across the United States and is my favourite of the breakfast meats. Bacon is normally served either as a rasher or on a biscuit, croissant or bagel. American bacon is also known as side bacon (which comes from the belly of the pig) and normally cooked until it is quite crispy. It has a lot of fat surrounding the meat which is much different to the bacon served in Australia. The type of bacon served in Australia has a much lower fat content is available in American but is known as Canadian bacon.

Other Breakfast Dishes: The list of other breakfast dishes that are popular in America could go on for ever but here are just a few:
  • Chicken and Waffles: A combination of fried chicken and waffles served with syrup. Its not available everywhere but is worth a try.
  • Omelets: Most menus have at least a handful of different omelets on the menu. Scrambled eggs are mixed with a variety of ingredients that can include sausage, ham, bacon, crab, lobster and just about anything else you can imagine.
  • French Toast: French toast is bread that has been dipped in beaten eggs then pan fried. It is often served with powdered sugar and maple syrup. It is almost as popular as pancakes at most breakfast joints.
  • Monte Cristo: A Monte Cristo sandwich is not the easiest item to find on a menu but is a real treat. It is basically sliced ham and cheese sandwiched between two pieces of french toast. It is often served with maple syrup and preserves. How could you go wrong with a meal like this?

As you can see there is a lot of options on the breakfast menu. Often the hardest part is deciding just one of the delicious options you want that day. What is your favourite breakfast food?

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