Monday, November 9, 2015

Dinner prepared for the work week

Some of you may know that I do most of the cooking at our home. I was home first and had plenty of time to prepare dinner. I was lucky that I had a short commute to work and I got home early in the afternoon so I could relax a bit before tackling dinner.

I recently started a new job that is has a longer commute than before. Most days it is close to an hour for me to get home. The last thing I want to do when I get home is spend 30-60 minutes preparing dinner. Amanda has a long commute and work day so it would be no different for her. So after a bit of thought I decided to try preparing all of the dinners on Sundays, so all we have to do on weeknights is pick the meal we want, heat it up and prepare a vegetable to go with it.

      This is the second week that we have done this and it has worked out great. It takes a little planning and it takes about 2 hours to get all of the meals prepared, cooked and put away on Sunday. However we have enough food for all of our weeknight dinners and many of our lunches. I feel that I save at least a couple of hours a week and when we get home dinner really is a 5-10 minute job at most. I feel this is a great way to prepare great tasting meals and it is a great deterrent from us picking up take away after a long day. Who knows how much money we are saving by not eating out. If you are struggling to find time each day to prepare dinner maybe this is something to consider for your family.

Have you ever cooked several meals ahead of time like this?

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