Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday Snapshots: Frozen Railcar

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We got a few inches of snow earlier this week along with some sleet. I often find some interesting icicles after snow storms which is something I find very interesting. I saw this one railcar that had dozens of icicles hanging off it and thought it would be a great subject for this week's post.

From a distance it looks just like any other tank car. But if you look closer.....

There are large icicles hanging all along the bottom of the rail car.

and there are icicles on the wheels as well.

The icicles and the ice above it just make it look cold (which it is)

Did anyone else have snow this week? Try and stay warm, or cool if you are in the southern hemisphere.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Her Mug O' Comfort Swap, 2015

I love getting mail! It's so exciting for me when something, other than a bill, is waiting for me when I get home from work. Getting a package in the mail? That's even better! Knowing someone took the time to shop for me, wrap up the items, and mail them it so heartwarming. 

I have followed the Chaotic Goddess Swaps blog for a while now, but never participated in one of their swaps. Last week, I saw them announce the opening of their Mug O' Comfort swap. Perfect for the weather right now! I love collecting mugs and who doesn't love drinking cups of hot coffee, hot chocolate, and tea during this cold weather!?!?

Want to join in? Click here!

I love how organized they are with the swaps. Here is the timeline:

Important Dates to Remember

  • Sign-Ups Close on February 16th, 2015
  • Partners Assigned on February 18th, 2015
  • Packages Ship on or before Saturday, March 7th, 2015
  • Swap Show-Off Post/Linky goes live on March 11th, 2015

I will post back when I get my gifts. I cannot wait! 

Happy Winter,

Monday, February 2, 2015

More or Less in February 2015 (Plus Birthday Wishes!)

I was reading through my favorite bloggers' posts this morning...a luxury since I took the day off today for a doctor's appointment and actually had time to read blog posts...and saw this graphic and post from Megan at Semi-Charmed Kind of Life. I love her and her posts so I stole borrowed her idea. I hope she doesn't mind!

>more tracking of food through My Fitness Pal - I started again last week and already lost some weight. I am hoping to track every day this month and continue my good work. If you are on My Fitness Pal, I would love to be friends. My user name is Manders0808.

>less splurging food-wise on the weekends - I am pretty good during the week, but I don't always make good choices on the weekends. I hate feeling like I am sabotaging myself 2 days a week.

>more water intake each day - A friend introduced me to a new app - Water Your Body - that helps you keep track of the amount of water you drink each day. It has really helped me up my water intake and I want to keep using it this month.

>less procrastinating at school - I have my daily to-do list (thanks to but I have no problem rolling things I don't want to do over to the next day...and the next...and the next. It's been a consistent problem for me so I am hopeful that I can begin this month to reign it in.

I even asked Sean to give me some more and less ideas for February.

>more disc golf - I love playing and it is a way to relax. I want to find some time this month to play.

>less bad eating choices - Amanda and I have talked lately about how we both can make some better food choices. I know what I should do so now I just have to do it.

>more running - I have gotten out of the habit of running, because of the cold and dreary wintry weather we have been having. I want to get back into it so I can run a race in the spring.

>less naps - I tend to get home from work and crash on the couch. A 30-minute, 1 hour, or 2 hour nap is not out of the norm. I have things to do around the house and sewing projects to tackle so an earlier bedtime and less naps would help get those things done. I just wish napping wasn't so fun! 

I am really glad I found this idea of Megan's and I am glad she let me borrow it. I'm going to write these on the chalkboard wall in our hallway to hold us accountable to our choices. Come back at the end of the month to see how we did!

What are you hoping to have more and/or less of in the month of February?

Happy Groundhog's Day,
PS - He hates when I make a big deal out of it, but today is Sean's birthday. If you have a minute please leave a comment wishing him a happy day!

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