Thursday, January 23, 2014

Her Recent Knitting Projects

I have been a slower-than-normal knitter lately. I think all the stress from school and the drama there is keeping me from having time to knit. At least the time I want to have. I was able to finish a few projects to give as Christmas gifts so I thought I would share those with you. This is what I have been knitting recently - 

I knit this seed stitch dishcloth for Sean. I, however, will not do anything in seed stitch for a while (never say never, but I won't knit this stitch for a looooooong time!). It is my least favorite stitch - all that flipping the yarn front, back, front, back, front, back. I couldn't get into a rhythm and it seemed to take forever!
Ravelry Link: Seed Stitch Dish Cloths 

This is my new favorite dishcloth pattern. I love it! It knits up fast and looks great. Sean says it is good for scrubbing pots and pans which is awesome. I love the sherbet colored yarn and how it looked when it was finished. So much so that I knit my mom one just like it. I think this is going to be my go-to dishcloth pattern from now on.
Ravelry Link: Grandmother's Favorite 

When I saw this yarn at Michael's and realized it would knit up like Neopolitan Ice Cream I bought it straightaway. I ended up giving this washcloth to my sister. I have enough leftover to knit another dishcloth but I am not sure yet who will get that one. They are such great gifts to have on hand!
Ravelry Link: Grandmother's Favorite

I decided to knit my sister a kitchen towel to go with her washcloth. It was a fun knit. I thought this yarn was fun because it is predominantly purple and orange (my brother-in-law grew up in Clemson and went to the University). It turned out great and I think I'm going to knit my own kitchen towel soon. 
Ravelry Link: Kitchen Towel

I also knit a cowl for my sister's friend (it was my sister's birthday gift to her friend) and forgot to take photos before I sent it away.  I love how it turned out though!  It was my second scarf using that pattern and I don't think it will be my last.
Ravelry Link: Blues Infinity Scarf

That is what I have been knitting recently. Right now I am working on a MKAL (a Mystery Knit-A-Long) where people knit the same project but the pattern comes out in pieces so those who are knitting do not know what the finished project will look like. All I know is that it is a shawl. We are in week 2 and I am excited! The pattern is hard (for me) and I already need help but that is where my knitting girls come in. I'm hoping they can help me figure this out!

The interesting thing about this MKAL is that each week you get two options of how you want to continue the project. Even though three friends and I are knitting the same shawl, all of our final projects will be different because we will choose different options along the way. Super fun!! I will post pictures when I am finished (and I will try to talk my friends into letting me take pics of theirs so you can see the differences), but if you are interested in joining in the fun, the pattern can be found here - Follow Your Arrow MKAL.

What crafty items have you been working on recently?

Happy Crafting!


  1. Aaahhh.... to knit again! I knitted like crazy (finished a pair of socks, two scarves, and plundered through patterns for my kid's next socks) over the holidays. I haven't knitted in weeks and miss it terribly. Maybe this will inspire me to put off folding a ton of laundry for another evening and actually start those socks!!! :) thanks for reminding me how much I enjoy knitting - a putting off folding laundry! :)

    1. I'm glad I could inspire you. Laundry can wait. haha

  2. Do you crochet at all? I just found this wonderful Crochet a long that sends you a new afghan square every two weeks. Which is great, because it only takes a few days to complete each one, so you actually feel like you've made progress. The first one was a bit more complicated than I've ever made before, so I'm almost wishing I'd stumbled upon it a bit later, and then gone back to do the first square later! Needless to say I've done a lot of frogging and then rehooking because I've not like how it turns out. But now that I've finished? It looks awesome! Block #2 came out yesterday. Here's the link:

  3. Cool beans! I'll check it out. I learned to crochet first - then in the past few years took up knitting after great prodding from a dear friend who - wouldn't ya know it! - opened her own yarn shop! I love both - knitting and crochet. Thanks for the link.

  4. Please check out It is a teacher exchange program in which you meet teachers and send packages. Please feel free to sign up and pass our name along!


  5. Great projects! I have been seed stitching an ipod case for my daughter... I agree, even on a small project (plus I am using size 2 needles!) it takes FOREVER, lol. I'm going to check out the kitchen towel - thanks for the link. What do you find is a good absorbent yarn for those type projects?


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