Wednesday, January 22, 2014

His and Her Would You Rather? (1/22/14)

It's Wednesday so it is time to link-up with Jennifer and play ---

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… have an extra hour of sleep or have $40 given to you free and clear every day?
Amanda - I would rather have $40 a day. I can go to bed an hour earlier if I need the sleep but having the extra money would be great!
Sean - I would rather the extra $40. I go to bed early and get up at the same time most days anyway so this would be a nice e $280 bonus each week for not changing much.
… have a job as (your favorite’s celebrity) assistant or president of prestigious university?
Amanda - My favorite celebrity is Colin Firth. I would never pass up the opportunity to be his assistant!
Sean - I would not want to be a president of a university and deal with the press and drama when something goes wrong. I would rather be an assistant to a celebrity as I would get to travel around and see cool places. Not sure who I would pick though.
… have a private jet or a private island?
Amanda - I would love to have a private jet. I could travel to anywhere in the world at any moment. I could see all the sights I want to see and return home when I was ready. Sounds like a perfect deal to me!
Sean - I would rather the private jet. No crowds or long layovers and plenty of legroom sounds like heaven to me. Plus I am sure the food on a private jet is better than the dog food they pass off as food on commercial jets.
… own a polar bear or a penguin?
Amanda - I would love, love, love to own both!! I think, however, the size of our yard is too small for a polar bear; he would need more room to run around and play. A penguin would be happy with our yard, plus they are super cute. Now if I could only come up with the perfect penguin name???
Sean - The polar bear would eat way too much so I would rather have the penguin. I would prefer a fairy penguin as it wouldn't take up much room and wouldn't eat much.

Jennifer did a great job picking the questions for this week! We both had fun answering all of them. Choose one - or all - and join in the fun!

Happy Wednesday,

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