Monday, January 20, 2014

His and Her Heart to Health Challenge

One of the best things about the link-ups we do, besides getting to write fun posts, is getting to "meet" other bloggers and steal share ideas about health, happiness, and life in general. Yesterday, after linking our blog to Ashley's for the Sunday Social, Amanda found a new-to-us blogger. 

Amanda read back through some of Bri's post and found this...

heart to health

What a great idea right? Valentine's Day is all about hearts so why not work to make our hearts healthier by that date. We are a little late getting the party started, but that's OK. Our hearts will be thankful anyway. We each made a plan and we are sharing it here. We will come back in February, on Valentine's Day, to let you know how we did.

Amanda - I am going to...
-be active...I cannot make the commitment to be active daily because I know that is too lofty. I can make the commitment to be active at least 5 days a week. A 15-20 minute walk will reduce stress and make me healthier so it is a win-win.
-improve sleep and change a bad habit...I started using my iPhone as my alarm clock over the summer. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that my phone is right next to my bed it is easy for me to "play" (ie, check Facebook, Bloglovin', Twitter, play games, etc) for hours rather than go to sleep. That is a bad habit that I have picked up and it is not giving me the sleep I need. Moving forward I want to put the phone down when I go upstairs and not touch it until the next morning. Again, a win-win!

Sean - I am going to...
-be active... I tend to be somewhat active but I haven't been running or cycling as much as I have in the past. I have a few half marathons lined up so that should be plenty of motivation for me to get out there and start running long distance again. I didn't train enough for the last half marathon and I hit the wall with 2 miles to go so I would like for that not to happen this time around.
-eat more wholesome foods... My diet is OK some days, but I also eat a lot of junk food. I would like to try to eat more wholesome foods and less junk food as it can only help my health and my fitness training.

Check back on Valentine's Day to see how we did with our Heart to Health Challenge. If you would like to participate, share with us in a comment below or on Facebook what you are going to do help your heart in the coming weeks. We can encourage and motivate each other!

Happy Heart Health to You,

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  1. This is so great! I am excited y'all are taking on the challenge. ;) I will definitely follow your journey. Love that we got connected through Sunday Social.


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