Wednesday, January 15, 2014

His and Her Would You Rather? (1/15/14)

It's Wednesday which around here means we are going to play a little game called --


…have one wish granted today or three wishes granted in 10 years?
Amanda - I would like to wait ten years to see how my life has changed and then have my three wishes. One could always be to go back in time right??
Sean - I would rather the three wishes in ten years time. It would give me plenty of time to think about what I would want. 

… be rich or famous?
Amanda - I would rather be rich. The idea of paparazzi or people always following me or paying attention to me or being that much in the spotlight would freak me out. Money is easier than limelight.
Sean- I would rather be rich as well. It would be easier to live a "normal" life without having to worry about who sees you when you are out shopping or going for a run.

…  be super strong or change into animals?
Amanda - I would rather change into animals. I think it would be fun to be like Professor McGonagall and change into a cat. Or be like Sirius and change into a dog. Or be able to become a bird and see the world. 
Sean - I would rather be able to change into an animal. It would be so much fun to be able to change into a bird and fly around and see the world from above at my own pace.

This link-up is so much fun! We love responding to the questions each week. Click the picture above to head over to Jennifer's blog to join in the fun. Don't have a blog? That's OK. Answer the questions in a comment below or on Facebook.

Happy Wednesday,

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