Friday, April 18, 2014

(His and Her) Puppy Talk

P is for puppy!!! We love our puppy and we want to celebrate him on the blog today.

My parents have been writing this blog for a while now. I hear them talking about what to post and what to say and it all sounded interesting. I decided to highjack mom's computer and write my own post. This is gonna be fun!

This is Mom's favorite picture of me.
Hello! My name is Alex. I am a 12 year old beagle/lab mix. Mom and Dad got me from a local pound when I was around one year old. They celebrate my birthday in June - my "gotcha" day.

I love cuddling and snuggling with mommy and daddy!
My previous owners were not very nice to me so I have a few little issues. I am very nervous around strangers and I don't like to visit new places. I hate vacuum cleaners and mops/brooms. I am also very afraid of garbage bags. It makes Mom sad to think about what those evil people did to me. I've pretty much forgotten by now.

Surveying the outside world.
My favorite thing to do is play outside. I love to run around our backyard and talk (Dad calls it making a lot of noise) with the neighbor dogs. We stand on each side of the fence and just talk and talk. If Mom and Dad get annoyed, I have to come in. If I come the first time I am called I get a treat. Yummy!

My favorite way to sleep is with a blanket that I can scrunch up and use as a pillow.
My favorite treats are dried liver treats from the pet store. I will do just about anything for those. My other favorite foods might surprise you. I love Chick-Fil-A Waffle Fries. I will beg for the fries but walk away when they are eating the chicken. I also love the carrots that come in the Chinese food my mom orders. They are so yummy!

After dinner, I always lick out my dog food can. Don't worry, I've never cut myself. I just like getting all the little bits of juice out of the can before Dad throws it away.

My least favorite thing in the whole world is a bath. I make Mommy sad because she says I am pitiful when I get a bath. I don't know what that means but baths mean being wet and I don't like being wet. I also have to stay outside while I dry and sometimes I want to come inside. Maybe you guys could talk to my mom and dad and tell them that they should stop giving me baths? I would be forever grateful!

Do you have a dog? What kind? If you don't have a dog, I recommend going to the shelter to get one. My life was changed when Mom and Dad picked me. You could change another dog's life by choosing them.

Happy Dog Days,

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Her On the Tube (What's filling up my DVR right now?)

O...O...O...Not a lot of words start with the letter O. Well, "on" starts with "o". I think I can do something with that!

I am a TV Lover. It's how I relax and the downtime I need after a long week. Since Sean shared his favorite Netflix shows here, I felt it was my turn to share what's filling up my DVR right now.

Here's what I am watching right now...

Every day I record Gilmore Girls on ABC Family. I have seen all of the episodes so many times, but it doesn't matter. The wit and comedy cracks me up and it is perfect background noise while I check Facebook and read some blogs.

Castle is a show that was introduced to me by a close friend. I had missed the first few seasons, but I started watching and fell in love. Thanks to TNT I have caught up and the new episodes are so good. I love Kate and Castle. I love all the supporting characters. I love their side stories, and the creativity of the crimes. If you aren't watching - you are missing out!

HGTV has some really good shows, one of which is Love It or List It. (Love It or List It, Too is good also.) This is a show where homeowners work with a realtor and a designer to redo their own home and look for another. They must choose at the end whether to stay or go. I like the mix of design and house-search. I also love the interaction between the two "hosts" (the designer and the realtor) - they make the show fun!

A new Food Network show has become a favorite. It's called Beat Bobby Flay. It is a half hour episode each week where an amateur chef tries to beat Bobby Flay in a cooking competition. It sounds easy, but the amateur chef gets to pick the dish they are going to make and Bobby doesn't know what it is in advance. He has lost a few times! Definitely check this one out!

I have been a fan of Survivor since its 2nd season. I love the competition and the blindsides. I am really loving this season. The people who are competing this season are smart and calculating without being obnoxious. It's a nice change!

Gordon Ramsey is hilarious and such a hard-nose. He does not take any grief from his staff. His high expectations must be met! The challenges are fun and I like watching all of the chefs try to win that amazing job.

Another HGTV show that has become a favorite recently is Flip or Flop. Even Sean, who doesn't like watching TV shows (because of the commercials) will listen in when I watch this one. It follows a couple who flip houses for a living. Sometimes they are successful and sometimes they aren't. The couple is fun and it's interesting to watch the houses transform.

These shows are ones that I am waiting to start again. My fingers are crossed that it is soon!

Top Chef is a chef competition show on Bravo. The chefs work hard at challenges and try to impress a panel of judges. I have watched every season/episode and I am never bored!
The spin-off, Top Chef Masters, is a great show also.

I was introduced to Downton Abbey late last year. I checked out all the old seasons from the library and was caught up in just a few days. I fell in love. I need to watch this past season (waiting for the library to get that one too) and then I will be ready to join some friends for a night of tea, knitting, and an amazing show.

Tim Gunn. Heidi Klum. Motivated contestants. Awesome challenges. Thank you, Mood! Project Runway is perfection! I look forward to each and every new season. 
The spin-offs, Under the Gunn and Project Runway All-Stars, are also winners in my book.

These shows are new, but my fingers are crossed that they are going to be all that I are hoping for:

Kitchen Casino is a new show on Food Network where chefs compete in casino themed challenges. The first is slots (food combinations show up on a slot machine), the second is roulette (where the kitchens spin on a wheel and you don't know whose food you have to cook), and the third is poker (trade in that one ingredient card or not? maybe what you get will be worse??). I am really hoping this one is as good as it seems.

This is another show that I had not heard of before the ladies I knit with started talking about it. It's a British show on PBS that shows the lives of nurses and midwives in the 1950s. I have not watched any of this season, but I am hopeful that I will love it as much as the girls say I will. It would be nice to have a fix when Downton Abbey is not showing any new episodes.

What are your favorite TV shows? I would love to find some more fun shows to fill up my DVR. 

Happy Watching,

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