Monday, January 14, 2013

The Good, Bad, and Ugly (1/14/2013)

Happy Monday! It was a beautiful weekend here in VA. The temps were in the sixties and seventies, it was a little foggy but it didn't rain. Pretty, pretty days!

Incorporating Color

(Amanda) We had a super social Saturday! In the morning we went to a local coffee shop (that I had never been to before but whose latte put Starbucks to shame! Wow, it was good!!) for a meetup with my knitting group. They get together once a week at different restaurants in the area to knit and socialize. They are always so willing to help me when I have questions and they are super fun to be around!
We left there and went to a birthday lunch at Panera for one of our good friends. We sat around and chit-chatted while eating yummy food. If you go to Panera, I highly recommend the Chicken and Avocado BLT. Yum, yum - and Weight Watchers friendly!
Saturday night we went to dinner at a favorite restaurant of ours with two good friends. We were at the restaurant for over 3 hours talking and telling stories, but, more importantly, laughing our heads off! It was a really great Saturday!
(Amanda) While at my knitting meetup on Saturday one of the ladies showed me how to do something to make knitting scarves faster (called drop stitching which makes stitches several inches wide). I found it hard to work with and didn't really like the look, but - here is where the bad comes in - the lady who showed me how to do this stitch did not show me how to take it out. When I tried, the whole thing unraveled and I am back to stitch one. I was so frustrated that I almost started crying. I stopped working on my scarf for a while and moved on to another, simpler project. I'm sure I will blog about that later!

(Sean) I was having a great round at the local disc golf Saturday until I reached the 13th hole. From the tee you have to go over a swampy marsh that is about 200ft across. Instead of using one of my older discs (in case it didn't make it across the marsh) I used my favourite disc as it flies a lot further. I threw the disc and watched it fly across the marsh, hit a branch and drop straight down into the middle of the marsh and I figured I would never be able to retrieve it. The good news is that I was able to go out into the marsh on some downed tree limbs and retrieve the disc so this ugly story has a happy ending.

What did you do this weekend that would make the "Good" part of the list?

Have a great week,


  1. Panera is such a wonderful place for those long lunch dates! So glad you had fun, but that's annoying that your stitches unraveled. Maybe you should try youtube? I always feel like I can learn anything from that site.

    And Sean, your story reminds me of my fiance (an avid ultimate frisbee player). He always insists that we use his pretty discs to throw, but I inevitably scuff them on the sidewalk or bounce them off trees by accident!

    1. Kate,
      None of my discs are pretty anymore. They all have battle scars from the many trees at the local course which is heavily wooded. Guess it gives me a good excuse to buy new ones one day.

  2. I've never really eaten at Panera, but its atmosphere is quality for catching up. :)

    Happy Monday!

  3. I think I probably would've cried at the Bad. Starting over is the worst... especially if you've gotten a good start!


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