Monday, January 7, 2013

His and Her GBU, 1/7/2013

We hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Once again are linking up with Kate and Kati to discuss the --- well, we had to change it again this week --- G (Good), G (Great) and U (Ugly) weekend.

Incorporating Color

(Sean) I took my father-in-law out to the local course for a round of disc golf. He got a new disc and carrying bag to try out. I was able to see a few things he was doing wrong and was able to help with it. He appreciated me inviting him so he had a reason to get out of the house. I liked having a playing partner as it's a nice change to playing by yourself. 
(Amanda) Since I was almost finished knitting my first project, I asked Sean what he thought I should do next. He suggested we find a yarn store nearby to get some professional help. I found a place about 45 minutes away and off we drove. I am so glad we did! The lady and her husband who own the store were so polite and helpful. She helped me pick a yarn, he helped me pick new needles, and I got to sit with her for one-on-one lessons/tips while I started my next project. Great! Great!! Great!!!
My first knitting project is complete. Not perfect by a long shot - but it is complete!!
(Sean) I normally don't mind doing the grocery shopping. Amanda makes a list and it is arranged by aisle so I don't have to walk back and forth across the store four times. However, the people shopping at the store drove me crazy Sunday as many of them had no regard for anyone else. There were people taking up the whole aisle and making no effort to leave room; others took five minutes to select the perfect dozen eggs, not caring that someone else may want to duck in and grab some. Is a little common courtesy and respect for others asking too much?

How was your weekend? 

Happy Monday, 

Incorporating Color


  1. Amanda, I am jealous of your knitting skills! I am terrible at it and desperately want to get better.

    And Sean, I totally know what you mean about the grocery store. Weekend shoppers are THE WORST!

    Hope y'all had a happy Monday!

  2. Kate - I found that finding someone who can sit with you and show you helps a lot!!


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