Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Her PhotoADay (Week 1, January, 2013)

I love taking photos. Random things, funny things, things I love - it doesn't matter. I love taking photos! When I came across the list below on Pinterest, I knew I had to participate. My sister-in-law is also, so it's fun to compare our photos. (If you are interested in participating, click the picture below to see how to play!)

January 2013 - photo a day challenge

Weekly, I am going to post here the photos I have "entered".

1/1/13: Today

We always take down our Christmas tree on New Year's Day. I would like to say that this is because we want to make sure everything is cleaned up so we have a fresh start for the new year, but the real reason is because if we didn't and school started for me again it would probably be March before I had time to take it down. Ahhh, the life of a busy teacher!

1/2/13: Something New

Photo: Something New...teaching myself to knit. Not bad for less than one week experience. #FMSphotoaday
I am so excited that I started the whole learning to knit process. It is easier than I thought it would be and after a trip to a semi-local (about 45 minutes away) yarn store, it is even easier. The owner was super nice and gave me some one-on-one lessons and tips. I also was able to pick up better needles (easier to work with, better material), a fabulous new yarn, and a book with a lot of ideas.

1/3/13 (Heart) and 1/4/13 (The View from Here):
I complete forgot about this little project on these two days. It completely slipped my mind. Oops!

1/5/13: Movement

Sean's favorite restaurant - fast food or otherwise - is Zaxby's, a chicken place. I noticed their ceiling fans were on and thought it would make a great movement photo. I was right.

1/6/14: Mine
Bloggy Friends - Meet Alex. He is our cute little puppy. I have a hard time not calling him a puppy, even though he is ten and a half years old. He is my cute little fur baby! :)

1/7/13: Street
I absolutely love our quiet street.

1/8/13: Something beginning with "T"
It should have been the easy one - but I struggled with what to take a photo of that started with a "t". I settled on my tote bag with my new knitting project showing in the top corner.

1/9/13: Paper

I struggle with the exercise component of the whole weight loss thing. I am not a fan! I know it is necessary though so I want to get better. I am hoping this new device from Weight Watchers will help me!!
Happy Snapping (of photos - get it?? I have such a weird sense of humor!!),

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