Thursday, January 10, 2013

Her Knitting Story

Here's the story of a girl (woman??) who decided one Friday morning, while reading a series of books by Debbie Macomber about a yarn store owner, that she wanted to teach herself how to knit. "How hard can it be?" she thought. "I know how to crochet, I'm not great at it, but I know how to. Knitting is like crocheting, right?"

So she talked to her husband and he agreed to take her to Michael's to look for supplies. Not having any clue what she was doing, she walked to the sewing area and stood in awe of the variety of needles and all that yarn! "What do I do now? How do I choose?" she wondered.

"I guess I have to find something to knit," she said to her husband. They both took out their phones and quickly Googled knitting patterns. Finding one she thought was easy (it's here if you want to check it out - but she wrong about it being easy!) she grabbed the required needles and went in search of yarn. All the colors, textures, and types overwhelmed her so her husband stepped in to save the day. He picked one up and said, "This will match your coffee since you are knitting a coffee sleeve. Just take this one." She smiled at his reasoning and off they went.

While he was out playing disc golf with a friend, she watched YouTube videos and asked for advice on Facebook. The videos were great and the friends were amazing, but knitting was not as easy as it looked. She grew frustrated and put it aside for a few hours. Trying again later that night, she got the hang of the stitches (thanks to the amazing Knit Witch) and she was off and kniting. 

She decided to look for knitting classes online to see if a teacher would make the process a little easier. She didn't find a class she liked but she found a knitting group that meets weekly to socialize, knit, and help one another with projects. Going completely out of her comfort zone she drove to Panera Bread in Suffolk and sat down with complete strangers. They welcomed her with open needles and answered all of her novice questions. She could feel her confidence growing.

A week later, her first project, the coffee sleeve, was nearly complete and nowhere close to perfect. "What should I knit next?" she wondered aloud to her husband. He suggested she find a yarn store in the area, since the owners might be more willing to help and answer questions. Again, turning to her trusty search engine Google, she found the shop Coordinated Colors in Yorktown. The shop owners were immensely helpful with picking a new project (a scarf) and with choosing a yarn. When the purchases had been made, she sat down at a table for some one-on-one lessons and tips. "Now I can call myself a knitter!" she thought to herself. 

Her first project is complete (more on that later) and her second project is a WIP (work in progress). Not bad for a week and two days work!


Thank you Debbie Macomber for writing a series of books about knitting to peak my interest.
Thank you Sean for taking me to Michael's on a whim to buy needles and yarn.
Thank you "Yarn for Breakfast" girls for being so open and welcoming to a newbie knitter.
Thank you Sherri at Coordinating Colors for taking time out of your Saturday to help out a complete novice.
Finally, Thank you bloggy friends, in advance, for listening to all my knitting stories and looking at all the pictures of my projects that will be making their way onto the blog.

Happy Knitting!

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