Friday, January 25, 2013

His and Her Top 5 for Friday

TGIF!! Here are the top events from our week...

1. (Amanda) It's snowing!!!!! I absolutely love the snow and it did not snow one flake last winter. I am so excited!!!
Our back porch and front porch

2. (Sean) I ran a 5K in the snow. I had been feeling pretty crappy the last few days with a cold that I picked up, so I wasn't able to run. I got off work early today and thought I could get a 5K in before the snow started. It started snowing right as I got home but I was so determined to run. I got bundled up and ran my 5K in the snowy conditions anyway!

3. (Amanda) I have actually been motivated to go to the gym this week. :O) I went five times total (Sunday - Thursday). I took today off so I could be home before the snow got crazy, but I will go tomorrow so I can participate in Runs for Cookies' Virtual 5K.

4. (Sean) The City2Surf is a 14K/9 Mile race in Sydney, Australia. I am planning to run in that race this year and want to start in one of the front groups which requires me to post qualifying times from running races. I have come up with a plan to train and compete in a few different races in Virginia and North Carolina so I can get my qualifying times in.

5. (Sean) I was planning to play in a disc golf tournament this weekend so last Saturday I went up to the course (which is an hour from home) to get some practice in. It was a nice mild winter's day and I had the course pretty much to myself. I had a great time and to top it off I got lunch at my favourite place to eat (Zaxby's). I had a great day!

Well, that is the high points from our week. How was yours?

Happy Friday,

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  1. im so impressed, with your fitness goals.
    enjoy the snow!


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