Friday, January 11, 2013

His and Her High Five for Friday (1/11/13)

It's Friday! Thank goodness - this week seemed like it took forever. Looking back, here are our top 5 moments from this week...

1. (Amanda) My DVR is filling up again because all the great shows have returned. Looking forward to more episodes of Castle, The Bachelor, and Bunheads.

2. (Sean) I received seasons 1-6 of Dexter for Christmas and I have been able to watch a few episodes this week. Its my first time watching the series and am currently at the beginning of season 2 so please don't give out any spoilers.
  3. (Amanda) After a long week, there is a very quick and tasty way to put a smile on my face. Frozen yogurt with amazing toppings from Sweet Frogs. My concoction this week - NY Cheesecake and Cookies-n-Cream yogurt with brownies, Oreo cookies, and Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup.

4. (Sean) It is winter and there have been some chilly days but the next few days are supposed to be warmer than normal. This will give me a chance to spend some time outside this weekend which is always awesome.
5. (Amanda) This week has been very productive for me. I have had long to-do lists each day, but I have been focused and diligent about working while at school. I have been able to check off most items and my to-do list for this weekend is pretty small. Yay!!

What would make your list?

Happy Friday,


  1. oh my gosh Dexter is my absolute favorite show!

    1. I am having a blast watching it. I am trying not to watch it too fast so I can savour every moment.


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