Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Her Weighin, 1/15/2013

Rather than do a Resolution Recap weekly (we need time to accomplish our goals afterall), some Tuesdays will be just a simple "How was Amanda's Weight Watchers weighin?" I am hoping that, by using the blog, I will create some accountability for myself and will see some of the results I was seeing last year. I have been stalled for too long!

Weighin: -0.9

What I feel like I did right/wrong:
Right - I tracked what I ate and made some good choices. I drank more water and cut back on my soda intake.
Wrong - I ate WAYYY too many points this weekend. I ended up going over my total number of allotted points for the week (daily and weekly). I also didn't go to the gym at all.

Goals for the coming week:
~Earn Activity Points - at this point I just want some (I am so quick to make excuses about not going to the gym!)

I am still in the assessment stage. By this Friday, I should have my first Activity Points goal. I'm excited to see what it says!

Recipe to share: 
There are several bloggers whose recipes have been weekly additions to our menu. I check their sites daily and pin the ideas that seem too delicious to pass up. When I told Sean about this recipe from "Point-less Meals", we both decided we had to make it - and soon! Pizza Meatloaf combines the idea of a meatloaf with the flavors of a pizza -- ground beef with flavorings (onion and peppers) with cheese rolled inside, topped with marinara sauce and baked. It was crazy good! You will not remember that you are eating something that is WW friendly.

*fingers crossed for a good coming week*

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  1. Good luck with the weigh-loss / get-in-shape journey. I just joined the Y tonight and it was AWFUL but I feel much better after going. I don't have any friends in my area doing the same thing so I'm half considering trying to get an online group of some sort together. Let me know if you'd be interested and maybe it would inspire me to actually get around to do it!


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