Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Her Photo-a-Day (Week 4)

I am loving my photo-a-day project! Here's what I snapped this week...

1.24 Stripes
I decided to start a new knitting project using some yarn that I got from one of my yarn-group-ladies. I love that it is making purple, white, and pink stripes as I knit.

1.25 Landscape
Love the connection - this day was a landscape photo and it snowed the first big snow in two years in our area. Yay for snow and Yay for an easy photo!

1.26 Together
I meant to take a photo of a friend and I while we were at the movies, but it slipped my mind as we chatted and enjoyed popcorn before the movie started. I decided to take a photo of Sean and my dessert for the evening since together they made the best bread pudding ever!!! Click here for the recipe - Chocolate Bread Pudding by SkinnyTaste

1.27 Sun
I went looking to see where the sun was when I saw the photo topic for the day. It seemed perfectly positioned between the limbs of a tree so I snapped and loved!

1.28 Through
I could not come up with any ideas for this one. I realized after the sun had gone down that I should have taken a photo of the backyard through the sliding glass door. *sigh*

1.29 Grow
Since it's winter, nothing is really growing here. I tried to get creative and think about other things that grow but my mind wasn't with it.

1.30 Down
Another excuse :( -- School is so hectic busy that I forgot all about this photo. I promise to pick back up tomorrow.

Another week of photos. Click below to see February's list and to join in the fun.

February Photo A Day Challenge - Are you ready for some photo-taking fun?

Happy Snapping,

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