Monday, July 30, 2012

Stay-cation Wrap-Up

Our stay-cation has come to a close. Sean went back to work today and I have decided that I will tackle one school project a day for the next few weeks to get ready to head back to work. Here is each of our thoughts about the last 9 days...

His thoughts...
Favorite day overall - This one is tough as they were all good. I think the fave would be day 8 at the Bent Fork, Zoo and Mini golf as it was good tucker and good times. 

Favorite meal - I have 3 to choose from but I think my favorite by the slimmest of margins would be Zaxby's Chicken strips. I love good chook!

Favorite thing/activity - Riding rollercoasters at Busch Gardens and slides at Water Country.

Thing you would most like to repeat soon - Mini golf but I would like to go to a place that has clowns, drawbridges etc. Kinda like Happyland in Happy Gilmore.

Thing you would most like to not repeat soon - Tearing down wall paper and taping.

Most shocking/startling thing/moment - How long it took to tape the kitchen. There is sooo much stuff to go around!

Best part of the stay-cation overall -  Just having a fairly relaxing time! We were busy but not so busy that it felt like it was go go go 24/7

Her thoughts...
Favorite day overall - Water Country Day

Favorite meal - It is so difficult to choose - but I think it would have to be the meal at the Bier Garden

Favorite thing/activity - The kitchen being finished!! :)

Thing you would most like to repeat soon - The fireworks and shows at Busch Gardens

Thing you would most like to not repeat soon - Painting...I am just not a fan

Most shocking/startling thing/moment - How much easier things are since losing 50+ pounds...I was surprising myself all week

Best part of the stay-cation overall - Being able to spend all of that time with Sean...I <3 my hubbie!

We hope you enjoyed our stay-cation posts. What are your vacation stories from this summer?


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