Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stay-cation, Day 3

Day 3 of our Stay-cation (which was yesterday but I was too tired last night to post) had an uneventful morning and an eventful night. 

We started the morning by finishing the take down of the hideous wallpaper in the kitchen and we began taping off all the counters, cabinets, windows, and chair rail in the kitchen. Wow! We actually ran out of tape and had to buy more to continue today. **Disclaimer - I say "we" taped and I did help a little but my tape lines were so crooked that Sean encouraged me to stop and relax while he finished up.**

In the afternoon we headed out to Zaxby's - which is a favorite restaurant we discovered with my sis in South Carolina.  Sean researched and found that there is only one location in our area and it is up in Williamsburg so it only makes sense to go there on a day we are going to Busch Gardens or Water Country. The food is always so yummy!!

Yesterday was a Busch Gardens afternoon. We wanted to get there as some of the crowds would be leaving and then stay for the fireworks. We haven't seen the fireworks show and we took advantage of Sean not having to work so we could watch them.

We spent the afternoon/early evening going on the rides and seeing a few shows. Then we went to the bridge between Italy and Germany to watch the fireworks - the best spot in the park...Thank you Lindsey for the tip! Here are some photos of our time at Busch Gardens. (I will say - these were taken with my phone and I am surprised that the quality is as good as it is.) Side note - there are no photos of the fireworks because my phone battery died about an hour before they started.
More Pet Shenanigans Show - love the animals!!

Sean riding the Sky Ride with Griffin and Alpengeist in the background

Adorable sheep!

Walking into Ireland

Illuminight's Show in Ireland

Celtic Fyre show in Ireland - loved this!

 That was Day 3 of our Stay-cation. I will post about Day 4 momentarily!

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