Friday, July 27, 2012

Stay-cation, Day 7

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Stay-cation Day 7!!! This morning we finished up the kitchen. We took all of the tape down which was such drama. Here's Sean's take on what happened with the tape:

We used two different types of painter's tape, the 3M blue tape and a new green coloured Frog tape. The blue tape was a nightmare to take off any surface that wasn't flat and there were many sections where I had to use a knife to take off small pieces. The green tape worked much better and this is what I would use for future projects. The issues with the tape are up for debate, but it may have been due to the thick coats of paint we put on or maybe the fact that the paint was still just a little tacky (I thought 18 hours would have been plenty of time to dry but I am not an expert on painting). There are a few small sections where we may have to touch up but overall it looks much more modern and the kitchen has definitely leapt from the '80's to the 21st century. 

Regardless of how many nicks are in the paint, it looks beautiful. We both love the color and we both way, way, way love it more than what we had before. Thank goodness that hideous border is gone forever!! Here are the final results:
The view from the dining room

We talked about what kind of art we want for this wall. Something tropical since that is the theme we are going for.

Underneath the cabinets - with my favorite piece that I have ever painted at Glazenfyre (the utensil holder)

Love that orange color (even though it looks more yellow here than in person)

Decorations are back in place and the kitchen is functional again - thank goodness!!

This afternoon we lazed around a little and I decided I wanted to bake. I did some research thinking it would be so fun to make a traditional British dessert in honor of the London Olympics starting tonight. It seemed like every recipe I looked at either had ingredients that I knew would be difficult to find at the last minute or specifically said "not for those on diets" (no kidding - I found three that said that!). In the end I decided to go with rice pudding for Sean because he has been asking me to make it and I kept seeing different British pudding recipes so I thought that was close and a strawberry shortcake style dessert for me. Here are the recipes I used...

Tonight is all about the OLYMPICS!!!


I love, love, love the summer Olympics. My favorite sports are swimming, diving, and gymnastics. I love that during the summer I can watch all the preliminary events during the day and stay up late to watch the finals at night. I am sure the Opening Ceremonies tonight will be beautiful, and amazing, and exciting. The parade of nations where all the athletes walk into the arena is my absolute favorite part. What are you looking forward to with the Olympics?

More Stay-cation tomorrow. Until then - TTYL,

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