Saturday, July 7, 2012

Her First "Stop by Saturday"

I follow many blogs -- many, many blogs! Some are teaching blogs - middle school teachers and elementary school teachers sharing ideas and printables. Others are weight loss blogs that share their stories and recipes. Yesterday I did a "Linky Party" with a teaching blog and today is going to be a "Stop by" with one of the weight loss blogs. Here goes...

Melinda Ott at Does this Scale Make Me Look Fat (don't you love the title??) is doing her first "Stop by Saturday". She posed a question on her blog and is asking other bloggers to share their answers on their blogs. Cute idea  right? 

Her question - What is a food or recipe that you are loving right now?

I follow four blogs that give Weight Watchers friendly recipes and tips/tricks. (I will share those in a later post.) I get so many ideas from them that it was hard to decide which to share here. I went with one that I made for the 4th of July BBQ we had. 

Jillian's Kitchen's Watermelon Cream Popsicles

Borrowed the pic from Jillian's Kitchen

You throw the four ingredients into the blender and puree until smooth. Pour the mixture into the popsicle molds and freeze. I made them because we had a young lady who is four coming over for 4th of July and I wasn't sure she would want the fruit and yogurt parfaits that everyone else was having. As it happened, the popsicles were gone before the fruit. They were delicious, easy to make, and a perfect treat on a hot summer day. Next time I'm going to try them with strawberries. (PS - She gives the PPV for all of her recipes - this is one point for one popsicle!!! Awesome!)

Thanks Melinda for doing this fun "Stop by" and I can't wait to learn some recipes that other bloggers are loving right now. :)

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  1. Those look good! My kids love watermelon, so I might give these a try!


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