Friday, July 6, 2012

Her First Linky Party

I have seen many of the bloggers I follow say they are starting or participating in a "Linky Party". Basically, it's where one bloggers starts a conversation or asks a question and other bloggers "link-up" to that post and answer the question or continue the conversation. I thought it sounded like fun so I decided to join up. Here goes....

This "Linky Party" started at Deb Thomas' Blog, "Fabulously First!" The questions are about great advice for brand new teachers.

Ask questions – (most) Veteran teachers are 
more than willing to help new teachers 
because they remember what it was like. Ask 
when something is confusing or a student is 
frustrating and perhaps you both will learn 
 something new.


  1. Amanda, Thank you so much for linking up to the Teacher's Wisdom linky party! I am so glad you shared your wisdom with us!

    Deb at Fabulously First
    My TpT Store

  2. Ohh...good question. Gosh...just one thing?? Take everything in stride. Keep what works and toss what doesn't. Okay- that's two!



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