Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Stay-cation - Day 2

It's day two of our Stay-cation! We planned a more low-key day today because we have some big home improvement projects in the works.

First, we started with "Waffle Sunday". This is a term coined by my dad because he and my mom make the best waffles on Sunday mornings. Sean and I decided to do something different this morning so we made Cinnamon-Raisin Waffles. Click here for the recipe that we used. I am a sucker for all things cinnamon so this seemed right up my alley. Sean isn't as big on cinnamon but he loves raisins so it worked out for both of us. 

Sean overfilled the waffle maker on the first attempt but the waffle turned out great. It was so delicious!!

Then we got our new washing machine. Thank goodness! It was past laundry time. 

Once that was in place, we went out shopping for the supplies to paint the kitchen. I wish, however, that the project was that simple. Our kitchen has a horrible, ugly wallpaper border across the top and I can't wait for it be down off the walls. But Sean and I were not looking forward to that process. So far, about half of the paper is down. We are hoping to have the rest dealt with tomorrow so that we can start painting on Tuesday.
Sean joked about choosing a shirt that said "Volunteer". :)

Some of the paper was already peeling off which we thought would make the process easier...

...but not everything came down with ease. *sigh*
Well that is how we spent Stay-cation, Day 2. Check back in tomorrow and see how the kitchen is coming along.

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