Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stay-cation, Day 5

Stay-cation Day 5 had the following weather forecast...
     86 degrees (a nice break from the heat advisories we have had lately)
     50% humidity
     0% chance of rain
We decided that this sounded like a perfect Water Country day!

Here are some of our thoughts about the day.

Her Thoughts:
  • It was a beautiful day! Water Country was busy, but not so busy that the lines were crazy. It was hot, but not so hot that it was uncomfortable. 
  • I am going back to lotion sunscreen. We used the spray sunscreen today and reapplied half way through the day but I am still a little sunburnt. It's just on my shoulders and my nose but I would like to avoid that for next time. 
  • I saw a mom applying sunscreen to her daughter using a stick that looked like chapstick. I love this for my nose and forehead. I have got to pick this up before our next WC trip. 
  • Big Daddy Falls is my favorite ride at WC!
  • I tried something new - went out of my comfort zone ... and it was great! Sean loves speed slides so I tried the ones near the lazy river. I was surprised that I liked them.
  • The food at WC is decently priced and tastes pretty good. I was pleasantly shocked! :)
  • The show at WC - Aquabatics - was not so great. I guess because I like watching diving competitions (can't wait for the Olympics!!) I am overly critical but I wasn't a fan.
  • The funniest thing that happened today was on Big Daddy Falls. This ride has a huge inner tube that like 5 people can ride in. Well, when we got to the bottom, somehow Sean managed to hit a wave just perfectly and flipped himself out of this huge inner tube and threw me into the middle of the tube. I could not stop laughing - and the lifeguards were laughing too!
  • The highlight of my day was liking the speed slides -- and getting to spend time with Sean, of course.

His Thoughts:

  • It was a nice day, It was not too hot, but it felt good to be in the water. Later in the arvo it got a little chillier but it was still good.
  • The spray sunscreen is useless. It seems that 2/3rds of it flies away and that is probably the stuff that works. Although I am happy the air is now not going to get sun-burnt, I did and that was no fun.
  • I spent a lot of time flipping out of tubes, rafts and even almost into another lane on the racer slide. I am a firm believer that water parks should be high speed and high thrills. I think I almost got launched out at Meltdown's splash pool, I fell out at the bottom of Big Daddy Falls, I fell out of the inner tube about 5 times on the lazy river (but that's nothing unusual for me). 
  • I did have a first today at the Nitro Racer. About half way down I was going so quickly I actually went airborne and flew so far I landed on top of the divider that separated me from the next lane. It was very close to me actually landing in the next lane. Luckily I was able to come back into my lane and the best part was I still won the race! And I thought flying around the corner on Jet Scream so fast that I fell out of the tube was impressive.
  • I was proud that Amanda wanted to try the slides near the lazy river. She normally just waits but today she wanted to try them. She got a little scared but she didn't back away. She had such a huge grin on her face and wanted to do it again and that made me happy.
  • The tucker was decent for theme park food and it didn't break the bank. The fact that we got free cups of water with our meals helps knock the cost back.
  • They offer free cups of ice water throughout the park and that is great keeping us hydrated and saves us from buying bottled water. I really appreciate that.
  • It was  fun day out. I would like to try the new ride Vanish Point one day but I am too impatient to wait 30-45 minutes to go on a ride that takes 30 seconds. One day the lines will be short and that's when I will try it.
It's back to painting tomorrow as the kitchen gets a second coat and we are hoping to organize the "library" (aka - the room with all our books). 



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