Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

**We interrupt this stay-cation for a very special announcement...**


I cannot believe it has been one year since I walked into a church on a Tuesday night for my first Weight Watchers meeting and weigh in. I was so nervous...I thought this time would be like all the others...I didn't want to weigh in and see that number....I didn't want to be embarrassed by that number. The nerves were so bad that Sean stayed with me through the part where I weighed in. I almost chickened out so I'm glad he was there for support.

A before (August, 2011) and during (March, 2012)
That first meeting was, of course, not bad at all. The weigh in was - well, uncomfortable - but that is because of my own self-esteem drama, not because of the WW process. I do not remember anything about the first topic covered at that meeting but I remember feeling at peace to be there and very happy with my choice. The plan review afterwords for newbies answered most of my questions and I started on my journey.

Today I am 51.6 pounds lighter than I was a year ago. Most importantly, I am happier and healthier. There are some other things I have noticed about my self and my life now...(these are in no particular order)
  • I can shop at stores that I could not shop at before and I can wear sizes that are about 4 sizes down from where I was before.
  • I can walk around Busch Gardens and Water Country without having horrible pain in my ankles and knees.
  • I can walk around on a Saturday running errands in sandals, rather than my tennis shoes.
  • I can walk around my classroom helping my students at their desks, rather than having them come to me at mine because I need to sit down.
  • I can fit into my favorite roller coasters again!
  • I can climb the steps of the rides at Water Country and not need a break half way.
  • I can walk up hills without being so winded that I cannot talk. 
  • I have more energy to complete tasks. I could write this as "I get bored faster". No longer is sitting around watching TV all day something I want to do. After a while I start to get very bored and I want to get up and clean or go to the gym or do something that isn't sit anymore.
  • I have more confidence in myself. I can't say I have high self-esteem but it is higher than it was a year ago.
  • I make better food choices. I know what portion sizes I should eat and I know how to balance my meals throughout the day and week. It's a great feeling to be in control of the food instead of feeling like the food controls me and my chioces.
  • I know how to not emotionally eat. Now, I still do eat (chocolate usually) when I am stressed or sad but I know now other ways to deal with those emotions that do not require food. It's very empowering.
My journey continues. I am about 1/3 of the way to my weight loss goal. I am confident that I will make it and ecstatic to see what I can add to the list above as my weight loss continues.


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