Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stay-cation, Day 4

Day 4 of Stay-cation = Paint, paint, paint....then eat! That pretty much sums up the day! :)

The kitchen now has one coat of our chosen color - Orange Toffee. (The pictures show it more as a yellow, but it is a light orange. Sean and I have said all day the color should be named Cantaloupe.)

Lady and Gentleman, Start your brushes!

Sean listened to a book on tape to help the time go by faster.

It's looking good.

Two walls - done!

Working on that third wall - above the fridge.

Under the cabinets - done!

Last section - behind the fridge.
We are so glad to have the first coat finished. Sean didn't love the color at first which made me nervous. I didn't want him to hate the finished look after we spent so much time on this project this week. He did say tonight, after dinner, that he liked it a lot now that the paint has dried. He thinks he will like it even more when the second coat is on and it is more of a solid orange - right now, some of the yellow (previous color) is showing through in spots. I love it - I loved it this afternoon and I love it now!

Aren't my parents cute??
I <3 him!!
After several hours of painting, we decided to reward ourselves with dinner at a favorite restaurant - the Bier Garden in Portsmouth. Sean and I absolutely love the schnitzel and Dad and Sean are big fans of their beer selection. Tonight the food was delicious as always and we had a great time chatting with my parents hearing about their recent vacation. It was nice to sit and relax after a day of painting.

No painting for us tomorrow. Check back tomorrow night to see what we got up to! :)

PS - I  just noticed that I used purple and orange as text colors. I will dedicate this blog post to my brother-in-law, Andy - a proud Clemson University alum. :)

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