Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stay-cation, Day 8

Stay-cation Day 8 - a photo diary...

We planned to go to the Virginia Zoo so I Googled places to eat nearby and found a bunch on Urban Spoon. The Bent Fork Express had great reviews so we decided to try to track it down. It was a little hard to find because as you can see from the first photo, it is a very small place. However, as you can tell from the second and third photos - it was well worth the trouble. Sean's burger had A-1 sauce, grilled mushrooms, and grilled onions, mine was a plain cheeseburger, and we shared fries. The meal was less than $15 for everything. We wanted to order the malt milkshake of the day - peanut butter - but we were too full. Oh well, next time! :)

The Virginia Zoo
Two adorable giraffes - love them!
An ostrich

Elephant - you can't tell in the photo but he is splashing water on himself to cool off

 An emu and a kangaroo in the Australia section - Sean felt very at home

 Adorable armadillo - he was playing in the stuff at the bottom of the funny!

This tiger was sleeping right against the glass of the pathway - I wonder if he was thinking, "Someone rub my belly!!"

On the train "tour" they offer

 An orangutan hanging out inside to avoid the heat...then this sign almost made me cry

 A very energetic red panda and a very sleep one - as we were walking away they both climbed into their air conditioned animals

Playful bear 

Putt-Putt Golfing
We both love putt putt golfing so we went to Motorworld in Virginia Beach.

On hole 2 of the first course, I got a hole-in-one. :)

We continued playing but Sean was kicking my butt...

Sean won the first course, 48-43.

Onto the second course, where I was determined to win...  

 On hole 2, we both got a hole-in-one.

I got a hole-in-one on hole 7 and did very well on the other holes. Sean got a hole in one on hole 16 but I was leading by 2 going into the final hole.

 I held up my club in triumph after I got a hole-in-one on the 18th hole.

I won the second course 47-39. YAY!!!! 

We needed a tie breaker so we took the combined scores of both courses and...

I was the Putt-Putt Champion!!!! :) :) 

We went to Beach Bully's for dinner (an amazing barbecue place near the Virginia Beach strip) and headed home to watch the Olympics. All-in-all, a pretty amazing stay-cation day!


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