Monday, July 30, 2012

Stop By and Say "HI", 7/28/12

I am linking up with Melinda at Does this scale make me look fat? for her "Stop By and Say "HI" moment this week.

Her question this week: What is your favorite event to watch during the summer Olympics?

Oh my gosh! Where do I even start?

It seems like I have been glued to the TV since Friday night. (Not really if you see my post here about our last day of Stay-cation on Saturday.)

I love women's and men's gymnastics, swimming, and diving. I also really like beach volleyball, rowing, and canoeing/kayaking. I wish we could see more of water polo, table tennis, and handball because I think that would be really interesting. I am a HUGE fan of almost every event in the summer Olympics - except track and field...those aren't my favorites.

What about you? If you have a blog, hop over and join Melinda's blog hop. If not, comment below and join our conversation.



  1. Thanks so much for joining the hop this week! When I wrote my response, I didn't know trampolining was an Olympic Sport. I have to say, that sounds like great fun to watch!

  2. I did not know that was a sport either. I hope they show some of that on seems fun. :)


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