Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Her Weigh-In (5/28/2013)

It is Tuesday so I am going to share my weigh-in results...though I am a little nervous to do so because the past two weeks have not been my best.
**I really have been saying that a lot, haven't I? I know that the excuses runneth over and I am truly trying to change that. I can and will be confident that this week will be different!*

Weigh-In Results: See, what had happened was ---- I forgot it was Tuesday and I forgot to weigh in. Oops! I'm still going to post this and I will weigh in tomorrow. I just cannot keep days straight when I miss a day of work.

I decided about two weeks ago that I was tired of spending $30 a month on Weight Watchers when I wasn't losing weight. It has been 11 months of me hovering in the same 5 pound range. I know that I am to blame and that all my excuses are simply holding me back - or holding me steady I guess would be the correct phrase - but I also know the definition of insanity ---

I thought long and hard about it and though I will be eternally grateful to Weight Watchers for getting me started and helping me to lose my first 60 pounds, it was time for us to part ways. I cancelled my subscription and account and moved on. 

I found a calorie counter that is free that does all the same things as Weight Watchers, but in my opinion does it better. I joined the same day I cancelled WW.

I fell in love from the moment I clicked the "Join" button. It is simpler than WW -- they have over 2 million foods in the database so everything is already entered -- they count more than just calories so it is helping me also watch my sodium, which is a problem for me -- I have the app on my iPad, phone, and I can use the site on my computer so it goes everywhere with me, literally -- and I have several friends who are using the app/site so we can encourage each other through this process. 

I find it incredible that the FREE myfitnesspal app/site works better and is easier to use/manipulate than the $20 a month WW app/site. I am not sorry I switched, I feel more motivated and determined, I do not feel as deprived or restricted (more on that next week), and I feel like this new app/site is going to be how I lose the next 60 pounds.

If you are a member, let me know. I would love for us to be friends so we can encourage each other! 

Happy Losing,


  1. Hey, mine finally worked, too. My user name is "modernariadne", so find and add me!

  2. My user name is z_kickingkilos.
    I blog about weight loss primaarily.
    I hear good things about ww. We dont have it india.


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