Sunday, May 5, 2013

Her May Currently

It's a new month and therefore time for one of my favorite link-ups. Here's what I am doing Currently...

Listening - Three days of being sick this week has resulted in an almost completely cleaned off DVR. This week's episode of Chopped is the last show I have to watch.

Loving - We took the 8th graders to the state capital on Friday. It is so good to feel that weight lifted off my shoulders - one less thing to worry and think about.

Thinking - My to-do list is almost scary to look at because of how many items are on it for the coming days.

Wanting - Wouldn't Magic Cleaning Elves and Magic Grading Elves be the perfect Teacher Appreciation Week gift for all of us??

Needing - I am so behind on my papers that need to be graded. I missed a few days of school and got sick --- This compounded with everything else on the to-do list meant that the papers kept getting pushed aside. Since Interims go home on Wednesday, I have to stop pushing them away and starting getting them graded.

Summer Bucket List -
1. Read! - I am not going to set a specific amount of books to read but I am looking forward to having the time and energy to read.
2. Knit! - I have so many items in my Ravelry queue and I can't wait to dive in and try them.
3. Aussie! - We are leaving in mid-July for Australia and first on the agenda there is my sister-in-law's wedding, in which I am the Matron of Honor. I am so super excited to travel, see everyone, and sight see.

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Happy May,


  1. 1. Please give those cleaning and grading elves my information. I'm in serious need of help with housework, grading, and moving. Yuck.
    2. I'm super jealous of you going to Australia. I love love love traveling. Make sure to enjoy yourself while you are there.
    3. Totally understand a full to do list. But nothing feels better than marking something off. Maybe add to the bottom, "MAKE TO DO LIST". Easy one to complete eh? :)

    Yay for Linky Parties,
    Miss Wilson

  2. Hahaha you replied to my Currently as I was commenting on yours. Wow! I have done the Color Run before. I did it last year with my best friend. You are so right about the miles just going by so quickly. You doing one this summer as well? :)

  3. I could use some cleaning elves myself!! Have a great trip to Australia!! It is on my bucket list and something I'm hoping we do next summer!!

    My Crazy Life

  4. Oohhh...if you find a way to wrangle those magical elves, send them to my house next...pretty please? lol Have a great trip, that sounds very exciting! =)


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