Tuesday, April 21, 2015

R - Rugby

Welcome to our tour of Australia. During the month of April we are going to visit our favourite spots in Australia. Come join us on our walkabout through the land down under.

Yesterday we spent looked at quaint old buildings in small town Australia. Click here if you missed that post. Today we head to the footy game.

Australians love their sports and going to the game to barrack for your team is a popular way to spend a day with family or friends. In the summer time it is cricket but in winter it is football. There are two different styles of football that are played, Australian Rules Football and Rugby. Rugby is more popular in New South Wales and Queensland and there are several stadiums where you can go to catch a game during the season (March to early September). Most of them are in Sydney but there are also teams in Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and a few others elsewhere. Tickets are relatively inexpensive when compared to U.S sports so its a fun way to enjoy the Australian sports culture.
What I Loved: I had never been to an NRL (Rugby's equivalent to the NFL) rugby match before and was on my list to do while in Australia. The Newcastle Knight's home stadium was not far from my sister's house so we decided it would be a good place to catch a game. The game was fast paced and there was never a dull moment. Even though the game had 2 overtimes it was over than less than 2 1/2 hours. We all had a great time and would love to see another game when we are in Australia again.
Cost: Prices are in Australian Dollars
Prices vary slightly from team to team but range from about $25 ($19 USD) for general admission to $50 ($38 USD) for a good seat along the 30-50 metre line.
More Info:  
NRL Website: Learn more about the teams, tickets and more.
Newcastle Knights: The Knights website.
Address: Hunter Stadium, New Lambton, NSW (Click link for map)

The national anthem being sung.

Visiting team running onto the field.

 Home team taking the field.

 The general admission area behind the goal posts are a great way to see the game cheap.

And the game is on!

Home team scores a try!

 Time for a scrum.

 The game is pretty much non stop from the time it starts. If you go off for a snack or a drink you could miss quite a bit of the game.

Getting There.
Car: There is limited parking in the stadium car park for $10. There is street parking nearby as well. The stadium is about 15 minutes from the city centre.
Air: Newcastle Airport is the closest airport. (35 minute flight from Sydney) It is about a 20-30 minute drive from the airport.
Train: Broadmeadow Station is the closest station and is about 1.5km/1 mile from the stadium.
Bus: There are several city bus stops near the stadium. Click here to get more info.

Have you ever been to a big sporting event? What are you blogging about today?


  1. I love rugby! And I love Aussie Rules footy! I feel very priviledged to have gotten to watch both while in the land of Oz. Great game. What I really like about rugby is the fact that the play doesn't stop. No start-stop like grid-lock (American football).

  2. I've never watched a rugby game before, or even played it, but it looks exciting.

    Great photos!

  3. Never saw rugby, but would be intrigued to see it at least once (plus it would be fun to watch all the people in the stands, LOL :)


  4. Of course it's rugby league, not really rugby. Football isn't my favourite, i haven't been in decades.

  5. I love rugby! Those ticket prices are fantastic. Totally worth it. Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie


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