Monday, April 13, 2015

K - Katoomba

 Welcome to our tour of Australia. During the month of April we are going to visit our favourite spots in Australia. Come join us on our walkabout through the land down under. 

Last Saturday we visited the historical section of Sydney and enjoyed a coldie or two. Click here if you missed that post. Today we head west a few hours and see the Blue Mountains.

The Blue Mountains are located just west of Sydney and has some of the most stunning scenery anywhere. The journey up is a history lesson as the highway up into the mountains follows the route that was carved out by convict labour in the early days of British settlement. Katoomba is located in the heart of it the mountains and is home to the 3 sisters formation. Legend says that these 3 stone pillars were once 3 sisters that were turned into stone that overlook the beautiful Jamison Valley. In addition to seeing the 3 sisters there is Scenic World which has the world's steepest railway, bush walks and other ways to enjoy the valley from the sky. Katoomba has so much to see and do so make sure you set aside a full day.
What I loved: The natural beauty of the 3 Sisters and the Jamison Valley is like nothing else I have seen. The railway is an adventure as you go straight down the side of a cliff and being able to walk right up to one of the 3 Sisters was a bonus as well. I would love to spend more time here one day and explore some of the trails.

3 Sisters viewing platform at Echo Point: 
Cost - Prices are in Australian Dollars
The trails and viewing platform are free. There is metered parking nearby for about $4 ($3 USD) per hour.
More Info:
Blue Mountains - History of the 3 sisters and visitor information.
Address: 23-31 Echo Point Road, Katoomba NSW

 The 3 sisters overlooking the Jamison Valley

 Now we have been in the footsteps of royalty.

 This small bridge leads directly to one of the 3 Sisters.

 But to get there you have to navigate down these steep set of stairs.

 Much of the Jamison Valley is surrounding by these sheer cliffs that rise well over 300m/900ft from the valley floor.

Scenic World Katoomba: 
Located a little over a mile away from the Echo Point is Scenic World
Cost - Prices are in Australian Dollars
Parking is free. A day pass that allows unlimited rides on all attractions is
$35 for adults              ($27 USD)
$18 children ages 4-13  ($14 USD)
More Info:
Scenic World Website - Info and Tickets
Address: Corner Violet Street & Cliff Drive Katoomba NSW 

The following photos are mostly of the train ride and the area around it. There is a skyride and gondola ride as well but I didn't get any good photos of them to share. 

 It may not look like it but even the station platform is steep.

Can't say you weren't warned!

The train heading back up to the top. It looks almost vertical.

Stats for the train.
1300ft length of incline.
780 ft of vertical drop
255ft length of tunnel.

 My sister Shellie enjoying some fresh mountain spring water.

 The area at the bottom of the valley used to be an active coal mine. The original train that came down the mountain was used to haul coal back up to the top. Today you can walk along the old trails and learn more about the history of the area.

 We love posing with animals and other creatures when we are on vacation.

Getting There.
Car: Both attractions are just off the Great Western Highway in Katoomba and is a 2 hour drive west of Sydney.
Air: Sydney airport is the closest airport.
From the airport it is a 2 hour drive or train ride. 
Train: Katoomba is the closest station and is about 2 hours from Central Station in Sydney on the Blue Mountains Line. Both attractions are about 3km/2 miles from the station and there is bus service to the attractions.

Have you ever been to Katoomba or something similar? What are you blogging about today?


  1. Looks really beautiful, but that vertical train ride looks a bit to scary.

  2. Love that--"Limbs are difficult to replace". If that doesn't keep your legs and arms in, I don't know what will.

  3. One day to go to Australia. I'll have t add Katoomba to my list of places to go while there. :)

  4. The rock formation is similar to what I've seen at the Grand Canyon. Very pretty area! I can't imagine with my knees being able to do those steps, LOL :) The train ride would be fun though!


  5. What spectacular views! But I think I would pass on the train ride lol!

  6. Looks like an awesome trip. We don't really have much scenic rock formations from where I am from so it's nice to see from what other countries has :)

  7. Wow, those rocks really do look like 3 sisters turned to stone.

  8. What a fun place to visit! 1 - That sign is freaking hilarious. 2 - I love that there's a plaque just showing that Queen Elizabeth visited there. How would it be to have something declaring your presence at a random spot once upon a time? Such a strange thing! Think of all the different places she must have gone thus far in her lifetime. That's a lot of signage! Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie

  9. Wow the vertical train would be quite scary!
    Love the sign, that made me chuckle!!

  10. I love Katoomba and the Blue Mountains, such a beautiful area. The Scenic Railway is great.


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