Saturday, April 11, 2015

J - Just a Quick Drink

Welcome to our tour of Australia. During the month of April we are going to visit our favourite spots in Australia. Come join us on our walkabout through the land down under.

Today we are doing double duty linking up with the A-Z Challenge and with Melinda for the Saturday Snapshots.

Yesterday we headed up into the clouds and saw the mountains, rainforests and a waterfall. Click here if you missed that post. Today we head to some of the oldest buildings in Australia and is  just the place for a quick drink.

Just a quick drink.....   Australia seems to have a pub on just about every street corner but the Rocks seems to have gone overboard and squeezed in a few more. The Rocks is in the heart of Sydney and is just a short walk from Circular Quay and Hyde Park (These were our "C" and "H" posts in case you missed them). The Rocks was one of the first areas to be settled by the British in the late 1700's and is home to some of Australia's oldest buildings. Australia's first Police Station, Hospital and oldest surviving pubs are also here. The area is fairly small so it is possible to visit a few pubs and do some shopping in just a few hours.
What I love: Visiting the Rocks is a great way to see some of Australia's historical buildings. There is plenty to see and do and is located just a short walk from the ferries, train and bus stations. It is also close to the Harbour Bridge and it is possible to walk across the bridge and ride the train or ferry back.
Cost: Walking through the Rocks area is free. 
Links: More information and direction: - The Rocks
The Rocks guide to bars and restaurants - The Rocks  

 One of the oldest pubs in Australia is a great place for a quick drink.

This police station was the first Hospital and was likely built by convict labour from the first British settlement in 1788.

This pub is over 170 years old.

The Rocks is also the perfect place to sit outside and enjoy a meal.

Sometimes you feel like you step back in time here.

A sculpture showing the first British Settlers in this area. The convicts, soldiers and settlers who chose to come to Australia.

I'm sure there are so many stories that could be told over the years in this area.

Getting There.
Car:The Rocks is in downtown Sydney and like any big city, parking is limited and expensive. Public transportation is highly recommended.
Air: Sydney airport is the closest airport.
From the airport it is about a 20-30 minute train ride. 
Train: Circular Quay is the closest stop. Two lines (T2 and T3) stop at Circular Quay. Most other trains on the Sydney network will involve one connection at Central Station or nearby transfer station.
Ferry: Circular Quay is the closest stop. From Circular Quay it is a 5-10 minute walk.

Have you ever been to a historical area like this? What did you blog about today?



  1. I am fascinated by Australia, so I thank you for taking me here. It's the convict past and it's Texas-like feel, I think.

    Here's my Saturday Snapshot!

  2. Cool. If I get back to Sydney, a drink at the Rocks is on the to-do list.

  3. A pub on every corner. How convenient! ;)

    1. I was thinking the same thing. :) And what quaint pubs indeed.

  4. We loved our stay in Sydney in March this year. Next time I would like to stay around The Rocks.
    P.S. had a few pints around there!!

  5. What a great stroll! I love pubs...and sidewalk cafes. And even the police station looks elegant. Thanks for sharing....and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  6. Interesting buildings there. Interesting too with a pub on every corner :) Be hard to choose which one to visit I think :)


  7. Great photos. I love historic areas and this really does seem like the perfect place for "just a quick drink" or three :)

  8. Beautiful buildings. Your photos really captured the mood of this interesting area. Gosh, I'd love to be there!
    My Saturday Snapshot post is HERE.

  9. I am in agreement with the other posters! Wish I was there! Thanks for sharing a part of your world.

  10. I really must make a trip to Australia. I had no idea there were such cool spots to explore. My snapshot Saturday

  11. I've had many visits to The Rocks, but I didn't know that about the first hospital! You do feel like you step back in time.

  12. What an interesting post. I had not heard of The Rocks area before. It looks like a really great part of Sydney to visit.


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