Friday, April 3, 2015

C - Circular Quay

 Welcome to our tour of Australia. During the month of April we are going to visit our favourite spots in Australia. Come join us on our walkabout through the land down under.

Yesterday our tour had us tobogganing down the side of a hill at a banana plantation. Click here if you missed that post. Today we head down the coast to the big smoke.
Circular Quay with the Bridge and Opera House in the background.

Circular Quay is in the heart of Sydney and is the central hub for Sydney Ferries. The harbour is spectacular and travelling by ferry is a excellent way to see the city. Circular Quay is also very close to two of Australia's most famous landmarks, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge which is the highlight of today's tour stop.

Sydney Opera House:
For over 40 years the Opera House has been the centerpiece of Sydney Harbour and a must see for anyone visiting Sydney. Its design is unlike any other and it a big part of why it is so popular. Its design looks like the sails of several boats and fits in perfectly with the rest of the harbour. No tour of Sydney is complete without seeing this wonderful building. 
What I loved: The Opera House design is unlike anything else and is a photographer's dream. The ceramic tiles that line the roof really come alive during the twilight hours and is definitely worth seeing. I also loved that it was only a 5 minute walk from the ferry terminal and railway station.
Cost: (All prices are in Australian Dollars)
There is no charge to walk around the exterior of the building. There are several guided tours that start at $37 per person that take you inside the building. There are also performances inside the Opera house that vary in price.
More Info:  
Behind the Scene tours of the Opera House
Sydney Opera House Website 

Imagine having this view as part of your commute every day.

 From the side the "sails" are very prominent.

 Each of the sails is covered in thousands of these ceramic tiles.

 The Opera House stands out even more as the sun goes down.

Sydney Harbour Bridge:
The Harbour Bridge is one of the most majestic sights in any city in the world. Opened in 1932 it was designed to carry several lanes of traffic, two rail lines, a pedestrian path and a separate bike lane. It is well worth the trip to walk across the bridge as you get the most wonderful views of the harbour and the nearby Opera House. And if you are too tired to walk back you can always catch the train back.
What I loved: The Harbour Bridge was well worth the walk and the stone pylons give it a dignified look. I finally got the chance to walk across the bridge and it was a great way to get a elevated look at the harbour. No matter from what angle the bridge is truly a wonder. 
Cost: (All prices are in Australian Dollars)
Walking across the bridge is free.
Access to the lookout on top of the south east lookout is $13 for adults and $8.50 for children.
Sydney Bridgeclimb takes small groups on the top of the girders to get a view like no other. Prices start at $148 for adults and $118 for children

More Info:  
Harbour Bridge
Pylon Lookout

The Bridge towers above the harbour.

and provides an essential link into the heart of the city.

and like the Opera house the bridge really shines at night.

View of the pedestrian walkway.

Getting There.
Car: Circular Quay is in downtown Sydney and like any big city, parking is limited and expensive. Public transportation is highly recommended.
Air: Sydney airport is the closest airport.
From the airport it is about a 20-30 minute train ride. 
Train: Two lines (T2 and T3) stop at Circular Quay. Most other trains on the Sydney network will involve one connection at Central Station or nearby transfer station.

Have you ever been to Circular Quay? What did you post about today?


  1. It only took until C for you to have somewhere I have been. We went to Sydney for my special birthday and loved it. We took the ferry everywhere, did the free walk around the opera house, and drove over the bridge.

  2. I love the A to Z Challenge because I get to tour all of these places I've never been but long to see! Sydney looks beautiful; I love cities on the water and ferries are a great way to get some different viewpoints for photos! I didn't realize the Opera House had thousands of ceramic tiles. Loved that you included the close-up shot of that!

  3. I spent a week in Sydney for work a few years back. Fortunately, I had some free time to take in some if these sights.

  4. I love your line "like any big city, parking is expensive and limited". That is so true, having lived in the San Diego area, I can totally relate. I often have said "we need to buy a piece of land and put up a parking lot." Sad thing is I will pay a lot of money to park some place.

    I loved the picture here at night! That would be impressive to see in person!


  5. Wow, I've never seen that side-view of the Sydney Opera House before. It really does look like an old sailing ship. The bridge is pretty awesome, too. I hope my son makes it up there on his travels.

  6. I didn't know that the Sydney Opera House's roof design is supposed to mimic sails until I read your post Sean! Thanks for pointing that out and for visiting my page.

  7. Wonderful pictures! Yes, I've been to Circular Quay many times. I love Sydney!

  8. I love Circular Quay, and the Opera House of course. I get a thrill every time I see the harbour even though I lived in Sydney for 10 years. I have a bridge climb voucher and need to use it in the next few months- I'm really looking forward to it. Friends have done it- everyone loves it. I really must do an Opera House tour one time, I've been meaning to do that for ages.

  9. Somewhere I have been! We just walked round the outside of the Opera House, but did the bridge climb - an evening one, so we saw the city all lit up below us. Gorgeous!
    Anabel at Anabel's Travel Blog


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