Monday, April 20, 2015

Q - Qaint small towns and buildings.

Welcome to our tour of Australia. During the month of April we are going to visit our favourite spots in Australia. Come join us on our walkabout through the land down under.

Last Saturday we showed you the nation's capital city Canbera. Click here if you missed that post. Today we check out some of the quaint small towns and buildings.

Australia is dotted with small towns and communities. Many have been there over 100 years and have some fascinating old buildings in the main street. Often we drive right by them as we go from one place or another but each has its own story. Thankfully many of them are still in good repair and are being well preserved for future generations.
What I Loved: The old buildings in the small towns all have a great history and have a definite Australian feel to them. They are different to the buildings in small towns in other parts of the world and I love them for their uniqueness. Since I moved away these old buildings are much more special and fascinating to me.

This small town of Morpeth is a popular destination and is just 2 hours north of Sydney.
Its main street is lined with old buildings and has many shops and eateries.
Most small towns have at least one pub that offers accommodations like this one in Manilla.
This building has seen better days.
Many small towns have main streets that look similar to this.
Even the Post Office in Bingara has a historical feel in many small towns.
The town hall in Bingara has a lovely historical feel to it as well.
Many of the pubs in small towns also offer meals and they are a good way to get a reasonably priced and filling meal.
The architecture on some of these buildings are wonderful. This old theatre has been restored and being used for performing arts, as a cinema and other functions.
Which building is your favourite? What are you blogging about today?


  1. These are all great. I like the one that says Royal Hotel on the front of it; I think it would be fun to park and walk around that area!


  2. These look great. I really want to go to Australia one day. I have heard nothing but good.

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
    2015 A to Z of Vampires

  3. Fantastic! I lived in some small QLD towns as a kid - Roma, Surat, Mt Isa, Rockhampton, Maryborough ... these photos make me nostalgic. Thanks for posting.

  4. Quaint, small towns are the best! I fantasized about living in one. They are much better than the city. Or at least I think so.

    I love the picture of the rundown, rusted building. Those are always neat to photograph. :)

  5. How can you choose between them? They are all great.

  6. I have never been to Australia - I live in New York. It looks glorious ~ what a fabulous A to Z challenge you are having. Thank you for sharing the beauty!

    Maggie Pinque ~ The Glass House Retreat
    2015 A to Z Inspirational Word Journey

  7. I love small town buildings. I went to college in a town just full of them.

    Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy

  8. I just love these Aussie buildings! I'm so jealous you get to see them in person; I went to Australia once, to visit a sick uncle in Perth. We stopped off in Sydney which fast became one of my favorite cities in the world but didn't get a chance to see much away from the harbor and downtown. While you visited me on my writing blog, I also do a book-to-movie blog called Chapter1-Take1 and that's where I shared some pictures of very cool Australian locations used in the upcoming movie The Light Between Oceans starring Michael Fassbinder and Alicia Vikander. You may be interested in taking a look!

  9. I like seeing historical and old buildings. These are very nice ones!

  10. Australians small towns have such a distinctive feeling.

  11. Hi Sean, just catching up a little. It's so cool to see the distinctly Australian look to these old buildings. I like the ones with those cool upper story porches. Though the theatre is pretty cool, too.

  12. These definitely look like the picturesque buildings you see in movies about Australia. I love the look of the corner in Manilla with the long upper balcony and the little clock tower on the left. How fun! Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie


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