Sunday, April 12, 2015

A-Z Challenge Week 2 Recap:

We are all done with week 2 of the A-Z challenge. Just 3 weeks and 16 letters to go! In case you missed one of our tour stops here is where we stopped on week 2:

Every good tour must include some good food and ours is no exception.

See the world's largest sand island complete with lakes, rainforests and much more!

See Australia's version of Miami with beaches, shopping and more.
H is for Hyde Park:
A beautiful city retreat in the heart of the big city.
Head up into the clouds to visit rainforests, waterfalls and more.

The historic Rocks area of Sydney is a perfect spot for a drink or three.

Catch up on the posts you missed then come back tomorrow as we continue the tour. It will be a lot of fun so don't miss out! If you just found us click here to see what you missed in week 1 as well.

Which was your favourite from this week?



  1. Doing a recap every Sunday for the Challenge is a good idea. Smart! I really like that picture of Fraser Island.

  2. In the Clouds and Just a Quick Drink are such cool titles! I agree with Chrys, it's a good idea to recap. Yours is the first blog I've seen doing this ;-)

  3. OMG, how did I miss this blog?! I think you should rename it "Kelley's A to Z Fantasy Vacation." Why don't you think about that while I catch up on some reading.

  4. I stayed at the Lord Nelson when I first arrived in Sydney. GREAT pub and lodging!


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