Friday, April 2, 2021

C - C is for Charlottetown

 We are participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge again this year. The theme for this year is our Favourite Travel Spots in North America. Join us throughout the month of April as we revisit some of our favourite travel spots. No boarding pass, visa or passport needed!

The locations we feature are all places we have visited and the photos are ones taken by myself or Amanda (or possibly one of our family members)  

If you haven't seen our posts for the previous letters you can click here to see them 

Yesterday we visited a small island on the coast of Maine. Click here if you missed that post. Today we visit another island a little further north in Canada. Prince Edward Island is todays destination. We visited PEI on a New England and Canada cruise in 2011 (same trip as Bar Harbor). The island has so much to see and we would love to go back and see more of it.

We took a shore excursion to a few different parts of the island. We stopped at Cavandish Beach which had some stunning red cliffs and then over to see the Anne of Green Gables house. Amanda was super excited about seeing that. Then it was off to a jam place and back to Charlottetown to explore a bit.

The red cliffs near Cavendish Beach

Exterior of the Anne of Green Gables House

The inside of the house was beautifully decorated

One of the bedrooms

The gardens around the house provided a nice pop of colour

The countryside is stunning here. 
The greens are so vivid here even when it is cloudy like this day

After our tour we found this Irish pub. They had really good fish and chips and i was so happy when they asked if i wanted gravy on my chips as they dont have that in Virginia. Its very popular in Australia where i come from.

We stopped at Cows for Icecream even though it was chilly and windy outside. It is our favourite icecream store and only available in Canada. 

More Info: Prince Edward Island Tourism - Great resource with things to do, where to stay etc Anne of Green Gables Website, Admission is $7.90 for adults and $6.60 for seniors. Youth are currently free.  Cows Icecream. They also have some fun tshirts in addition to yummy icecream The Olde Dublin Pub 

Hotels - There is a wide variety of lodging options. Prices are mostly between $100-200 per night.

How to get there: 
Car: Charlottetown/PEI is accessible by Confederation Bridge
Air:  Charlottetown (YYG) is the closest airport and is just a few km from the city centre. 
Train: Closest train station is in Moncton NB which is about 2.5 hours from PEI.

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Have you ever had gravy on your chips/fries? If not would you be willing to try?
What was your favourite photo or part of Prince Edward Island?
What did you post about today?


  1. Loved reading this tour diary! Great pics. Looks like it was a really pleasant trip. Liked that 'gravy on the chips' part. :-)

  2. I would visit Anne's house too! I can't help but think of "Anne with an E" when I spell it out! It's like my daughter, who has been "Erika with a K" since birth. I would not want gravy on my fries. Gravy belongs on mashed potatoes. Yes, it might taste the same, being potatoes, but no. Catsup on fried. Gravy on mashed. I posted about flowers that start with C and a poetry from called Centro. and


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