Tuesday, November 19, 2013

His and Her Never, Ever, Ever (Week 25)

It is Tuesday, so it is time to play --

The Vintage Modern Wife: Never Ever Ever Link Up

**For those who are new to our blog - WELCOME - purple is Amanda, red is Sean, blue is for both of us. We hope it helps make it less confusing for our readers to know who is talking and sharing. :) **

Amanda will never, ever, ever...
-make it through a day without my Keurig. If it died, I would need to replace it immediately. It keeps me going! I am so grateful that we have one at school too. Coffee is good!
-will I like that my good friend lives four hours away. I miss her and her two adorable boys! I wonder if there is time to go see them soon???
Last fall we all went apple picking. This is me and Bennett, my friend's oldest, getting ready to climb the mountain.

-will I understand why we must have so many meetings at work. Right now I am averaging 4 meetings a week - every day last week I had a meeting, except Friday. This coming week I know I have three meetings already scheduled. I just don't understand it! 

Sean will never, ever, ever...
- go a day without drinking at least a gallon of water (3.78 litres for the metric folk). I feel dehydrated if I don't drink at least a gallon each day so I do my best to stay well hydrated.
- want to run during the hot summer months as the humidity drains you so quickly. I would much rather bundle up and run through a snow shower than run during the heat of the summer.
- not want to challenge myself with endurance events. I may not be the fastest runner or triathlete but I enjoy being able to challenge myself to run 13.1 miles or compete in a triathlon and do something that a few years ago would never have been possible.
We really like this link-up and we hope that you do too. Head over to Stephanie's website and link-up to join in the fun!

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. I don't like that we are so far apart either! :) You are sweet. There is definitely time to get together soon. :D


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