Monday, November 4, 2013

His and Her Weekend Shenanigans (11/4/2013)

It's Monday so that means its time to link up for the Weekend Shenanigans.

I had planned to go to the final football game of the season to cheer for one of my seniors who was going to be honored during the Senior Night festivities. It was raining and cold, though, and Thursday and Friday were very emotionally draining for me at work. The student promised to take photos and I headed home to curl up and rest.

Our church has acquired a new church building in a neighboring city and over the last few weeks they have been reaching out to the community to let them know about the church that is coming. This morning was a fall festival and had games, food, candy and some bounce houses. We helped out for a few hours and I was supervising the obstacle course inflatable. Near the beginning was a hill that the kids had to climb. The bigger kids didnt have any problems climbing it but the smaller kids werent able to climb so I spent most of the time inside the inflatable, lifting the smaller children to the top of the hill. The kids had a blast and many of them ran through the course multiple times. I had a blast helping out and several of the adults couldn't decide who was having more fun, me or the kids. 

      After helping out at the church we went to check out a new bakery. We met the owner on Thursday night and she was nice enough to take some flyers for the fall festival and put them out at the bakery. We thought that since she was nice enough to help us out, we could repay the favour by patronizing her business. We bought 8 cupcakes and they were pretty tasty. We don't have a good bakery close to our house so we will likely visit them when we are in the mood for cake. After visiting the bakery we went home, picked up the dog and went to spend some time with Amanda's parents. By the end of it we were both tired after a long day out.

Ugh! I could not shake the "blah!" feeling the whole day. I did not wake up feeling my best and I couldn't shake it. I managed to get some Civics lesson plans written but that was it. Nothing else on the to-do list was done. Ugh!
Yes, I have jumped on the Bitstrips bandwagon. Have you?

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Happy Monday,

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  1. Stopping by from the weekend update! It looks like you had a nice weekend! Have a great rest of the week!


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