Thursday, July 4, 2013

His: Living in America - July 4th

No matter where you are in America there are plenty of eateries just steps from your location. It seems even small villages have at least a McDonald's, a Wendy's or a Subway. In addition to the thousands of fast food places, there are multiple sit down restaurants serving just about every type of cuisine you could ever want.

 A while back I wrote about the foods I miss from Australia and I figured it was time to reveal the foods I have come to love in America. Many of these are foods I had never tried prior to coming here.

Mexican food: The first sit down restaurant I was taken to was a local Mexican restaurant.I was handed a menu and none of it made sense as I had no clue what an enchilada, a burrito, or a chalupa was. I also thought everything would be spicy which I don't enjoy. Amanda noticed the confused expression on my face and was able to explain what each item was and helped me order. I learned very quickly that Mexican food is very tasty and quickly became one of my favourite cuisines when dining out.

Baby Back Ribs: One day we were discussing where to go to dinner and it was discovered that I had never had baby back ribs. I had no clue what was being discussed but it was decided that I must have grown up in a cave and that I had to try them immediately. I had no clue why everyone was so excited but I soon found out after the first bite of the bbq sauce covered ribs. It's not a food I get to eat very often but it is a wonderful treat. There are other types of ribs served in America but the baby back ribs are definitely the best.

Carolina BBQ Sandwich: There are many different types of BBQ in America and the type served depends on which part of the country you are in. Many places take great pride in their craft and use their own special blend of spices and cooking technique to get the best flavour. The most common type of BBQ in Virginia is Carolina BBQ and it is especially tasty when served with coleslaw on a sandwich bun. It is normally served with a couple of side items which can include baked beans and fries.

There are many other foods that I love in America but these are three that came immediately to mind. Are there foods that you have eaten abroad that you have enjoyed or foods you loved in your own area? Please share your favourite dish in the comments below.

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