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His: Living in America: Mar 13, 2013

One of the things I miss about Australia is all of the food that I can't get in America. A lot of traditional Australian meals are very similar to British fare but Aussies also have plenty of foods that are not widely available elsewhere. These are foods that I remember being able to grab in any supermarket as a child but not anymore since moving to America. Some foods I have been able to create myself like the Meat Pie and Sausage Rolls but there any many foods that I have not been able to recreate. These are just some of the foods that I can't get in America and miss dearly

Red Rooster Roll: This is probably the food I miss the most. Red Rooster rolls are a delicious roll filled with a herb stuffing and pulled roasted chicken. I don't know exactly what I love about it so much. I have tried to recreate it using American ingredients but have not been able to figure out how to recreate the herb stuffing. I already plan to swing into a Red Rooster store the first day I am in Australia again and get myself a Red Rooster Roll. Yes they are that good!

 Chiko Roll: They kinda look like an egg roll but taste a whole lot better. They are an Australian staple at many cafes and sporting events as they are easy to eat without utensils. They have a thick coating that is filled with vegetables and lamb. Its hard to describe the taste, especially since its been over 6 years since I had one but its kind of like an egg roll with less cabbage, more vegetables like celery and carrots and plenty of delicious lamb. I recently found a recipe for them online and plan to try it soon. I'll let you all know how it turns out.

Chicken Flavoured Chips: Chicken flavoured potato chips have been an Australian favourite for years and something I miss a lot. It is one of the most popular flavours for many years and it is a big surprise to my Aussie mates when I tell them that there are no chicken flavoured chips in America. Recently I did get a little excited when I heard that Lays came out with a "Chicken and Waffles" flavour in the USA but so far none of the stores in my area have had them in stock. Hopefully I will able to get a bag sometime soon and give you a review and compare them to the Australia chicken flavoured chip.

There are many other foods that I miss but I will save them for future blog posts. What is one food that you would miss if you were unable to get it for several years?


  1. Are you coming back to Australia in near future? I'd send you a package but I don't think chiko rolls or red rooster rolls would post well hey. I think samboy BBQ chips are the best chips in the world personally

  2. I remember being in Australia and really liking VB Beer. You can not get it in the states...and we also shipped back a ton of wine from a small winery that we spent almost a whole day at. LOL

    Just moving across the US you end up not getting the same foods in the south as we had while living in Illinois. For one is Portillio's we don't have here in the south. I miss my Beef Sandwiches and good Chicago style Hot Dogs. And Chicago Style Pizza they have nothing like it here very sad, I feel your food pain. :(

    ~Kim from TeXas


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